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AmiKit XE (v11) CHANGELOG Vampire


The long awaited update for Vampire is here. We've updated everything :) Have fun!
Also, we've improved AmigaOS3.2 compatibility. Dracula can update it to 3.2.1 easily.


- ADDED:       AmiBrixx 2.1 game by Joerg Renkert (AmiKit:Games)
- ADDED:       AmigaAMP/Amplifier pop-up notifications of currently playing tracks or streams
- ADDED:       Ask Your Amiga (AYA) 0.6 by ALB42 (AmiKit:Utilities)
- ADDED:       Audio streams (m3u) are now recognized and being replayed in AmigaAMP
- ADDED:       BackUp 1.91 by Daniel Westerberg from OnyxSoft (AmiKit:Tools)
- ADDED:       HollyMan 9.1 - a Workbench Pacman clone by Andreas Falkenhahn
- ADDED:       Kill 2.27 by Walter Dorwald (AmiKit:C)
- ADDED:       MiniHex 1.1b by Daniel Westerberg (AmiKit:Tools)
- ADDED:       NWait 1.0 by Allan Versaevel (AmiKit:C)
- ADDED:       SCopy 1.08 by John Hendrikx (AmiKit:C)
- ADDED:       twittAmiga 4.4.2 by Oliver Urbann
- ADDED:       VirusZ III 1.04 by Georg Hormann and Dirk Stoecker (AmiKit:Utilities/EXPANSION)

- AMIKIT:        Additional Downloads script 11.6.1
- AMIKIT:        Dracula 11.5.0 with automated installation of AmigaOS 3.2.1 update
- AMIKIT:        Live Update 1.9 by Daniel Westerberg from OnyxSoft
- AMIKIT:        Updated Startup-LoadModule 11.5.0
- AMIKIT:        Updated Startup-Vampire 11.5.0

- VAMPIRE:    Super AGA drivers 2.9 for Vampire by Apollo
- VAMPIRE:    i2c.library 40.0
- VAMPIRE:    SD drivers 0.13
- VAMPIRE:    VampireFlash 1.13
- VAMPIRE:    VampireMap 1.13
- VAMPIRE:    v4net.device 2.202
- VAMPIRE:    vampiregfx.card 1.40 for V4 R8
- VAMPIRE:    VControl 1.19
- VAMPIRE:    On-demand support of the latest stable V4 core R8 (8691). Run Dracula > Vampire > Core Support or boot without the Startup-Sequence and enter "v4coresupport"
- VAMPIRE:    AHI driver for ARNE (16-bit audio on V4) by Apollo

- UPDATED:   ADiffView 2.2 by Uwe Rosner (with a code from M.Hertel)
- UPDATED:   AmigaAMP 3.31 by Thomas Wenzel
- UPDATED:   AmiSSL 4.12 by AmiSSL Open Soure Team
- UPDATED:   Another World WHDLoad Slave 2.7 by Harry & JOTD
- UPDATED:   Boards Library 3.55 by Torsten Bach, Thomas Barth and Marcus Gerards
- UPDATED:   Cloud services (Drobox, GDrive) starting improved
- UPDATED:   EvenMore 0.94 by Chris Perver
- UPDATED:   guigfx.library 20.1 (FPU) by Timm S. Mueller
- UPDATED:   HippoPlayer 2.52 by Kari-Pekka Koljonen
- UPDATED:   Hollywood Player 9.1 by Andreas Falkenhahn
- UPDATED:   hURL 1.2 Hollywood Plugin by Andreas Falkenhahn
- UPDATED:   iGame 2.1b2 (15-Mar-2021) by Emmanuel Vasilakis and Contributors
- UPDATED:   Infinite Module Player (IMP) 3.380 by Pawel Nowak
- UPDATED:   JFIFdt44 44.17 by Henryk Richter and Gunther Nikl
- UPDATED:   LoadModule 45.18 by Thomas Richter and Etienne Vogt
- UPDATED:   MCC_BetterString 11.36 Open Source Team
- UPDATED:   MCC_NList 0.128 by Open Source Team
- UPDATED:   MCC_TextEditor 15.56 by Open Source Team
- UPDATED:   MCC_TheBar 26.22 by Open Source Team
- UPDATED:   MUI 5.0 (20210831) by Stefan Stuntz, Thore Bockelman and Jens Maus
- UPDATED:   MUIbase 4.4 by Steffen Gutmann
- UPDATED:   MysticView 1.07 by Timm S. Mueller
- UPDATED:   PolybiosPDF 1.3 Hollywood Plugin by Andreas Falkenhahn
- UPDATED:   RapaGUI 2.1 Hollywood Plugin by Andreas Falkenhahn
- UPDATED:   RiVA MPEG-1 Player 0.56 by Stephen Fellner & Henryk Richter
- UPDATED:   SysinfoBoards 3.7 by Holger Hippenstiel
- UPDATED:   Sysinfo 4.4 by Tobias 'Geijer' Geijersson and Nic Wilson
- UPDATED:   SnoopDos 3.11 by Eddy Carroll, updated by Thomas Richter
- UPDATED:   UnRAR 6.11 by Alexander Roshal, Amiga port by Marcin Labensk
- UPDATED:   VirusZ Bootblocks (22-Apr-2022) by Virus Help Team
- UPDATED:   VisualPrefs 1.5n by Massimo Tantignone
- UPDATED:   xvs.library 33.46 by Georg Wittmann
- UPDATED:   YAM 2.10dev (26-Jan-2021) with AmiSSL support by YAM Open Source Team
- UPDATED:   WHDLoad 18.7 (build 6366, 15-Dec-2021) by Bert Jahn et al.

- FIXED:         PAL screens were corrupted in OS3.2
- FIXED:         Initialising of YAM theme works now
- FIXED:         HippoPlayer uses the default AHI mode now (if enabled)
- REMOVED: Russian locale, catalogs and fonts

We've also added 3 music tracks in memory of Paul van der Valk who passed away. He was the author of Medley Sound Editor and Future Player as well as the superb Imploder themes. Hear his truly unique sound thanks to updated HippoPlayer which supports his music format now (as the only player out there!).

Simply launch HippoPlayer, press the Play button and choose a song from the PaulVanDerValk folder. Just keep in mind that one Medley song includes multiple subsongs! For example, Imploder4 includes nine subsongs while the main tune is the very last one :) Same for the Combat song. Use the >| button to play the next subsong (or just press the Right Arrow key).

Oh, and we've added Medley DOpus filetype, so you can simply double-click any .mso music file to play it instantly :)

For support or bugreport please visit our Support Forum at or get in touch via Discord

Special thanks to Philipp Lonke, Nikos Pagonis, Matthew Langtry and others who helped us with this update.

Big thanks to everyone supporting the brave people of Ukraine!


We've released another free maintenance update to keep your experience sparkling!

For instance, we've added the core R3 support for Vampire V4SA users!

We've also updated, fixed and enhanced few other things including master tools like Dracula, and the OS3.1.4 upgrade or Lite Mode works again now.

A prompt to download the previously removed software is displayed on startup now, etc. We've also improved the automatic post-installation of Picasso96 and full Roadshow. For instance, if you want to install old or new Picasso96.lha archive, simply place the archive to AmiKit:InstallFiles drawer, the same goes for Roadshow.lha archive.


- ADDED:  On-demand support of new Vampire V4 core R3: run Dracula > Vampire > Core Support or boot without the Startup-Sequence and enter "v4coresupport" (without quotes) or visit AmiKit V4SA Core Support page
- UPDATED:  AmiKitReset 11.4.2
- UPDATED:  iGame 2.0b8 (8-Oct-2020) by Emmanuel Vasilakis and Contributors
- UPDATED:  Roadshow 1.14 DEMO by APC&TCP
- UPDATED:  SAGA (Super AGA) drivers 2.4.3 for Vampire by Apollo
- UPDATED:  vampiregfx.card 1.32 for V4 core R3. Enable it manually in Dracula > Vampire > GFX Drivers (V4 Core R3 is required, obviously).
- UPDATED:  Picasso96 and Roadshow installation scripts improved.

- FIXED:  Dracula 11.4.2 handles the additional downloads better now. We've also fixed mismatched Startup Manager entries, again.
- FIXED:  Some DirOpus4 buttons were misplaced.

Special thanks to Dwight Bonney, Robert Downs, Dimitris Panokostas, Jakub Hajda, Philipp Lonke, Keith Matthews, Thomas Scheller, Artur Jarosik for beta-testing.

AmiKit XE 11.4.0 (September 2020) - FREE UPDATE FOR ALL VAMPIRE USERS

Today's update brings a new action-platform game and a very cool old-skool module player too! If you like them, donate to their authors and support their efforts, please.

As always, we've updated some software on the way and squashed some bugs too. Thank you for your feedback!

- ADDED:  Hydra Castle Labyrinth port by Artur Jarosik
- ADDED:  Infinite Module Player 1.05 by Pawel Nowak

- UPDATED:  iGame, *AmiStart and **DOpus menus include Hydra Castle Labyrinth game and IMP now (a backup is created first).
- UPDATED:  Kobo Deluxe game port by Artur Jarosik
- UPDATED:  SAGA (Super AGA) drivers 2.4.1 for Vampire by Apollo including:
- UPDATED:  vampiregfx.card 1.31 for V4 7649 core in LIBS:Picasso96/bak drawer. Enable it manually if you have V4 7649 core.
- UPDATED:  VampireMap 1.9 by Henryk Richter
- UPDATED:  VControl 1.17 by Philippe Carpentier

- FIXED:  Dracula "Startup Manager" entries were misplaced. Plus other minor fixes here and there.
- FIXED:  PerfectPaint font is in FONTS: now.
- FIXED:  DOpus Toolbar image size.
- FIXED:  Cleaned SYS:T drawer after previous update.

- REMOVED:  PicShow, Thumb, BDSlide, LimpidClock, mpegadt, ScreenText, TSgui by T.Rapp and IconLib by P.Keunecke. Available as an additonal download in Dracula now.

Special thanks to Holger Hippenstiel, Dimitris Panokostas, Jakub Hajda, Philipp Lonke, Keith Matthews, Thomas Scheller and Artur Jarosik for beta-testing.


Good day, everyone! Today's release includes a bevy of software updates, a handful of fixes, and even a smackeral of new features ;)

Especially Startup-Sequence, which got some love. It is much more robust now, it takes better care of patches and ROM modules depending on your AmigaOS version. It supports kick.rom versions 40 up to 47 (which means it's AmigaOS 3.2 ready too!). As a result, your AmiKit should be even more stable now.

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback, we love hearing from you!

- ADDED:  Few new DualPNG game & demo icons by James!
- ADDED:  JFIFdt44 44.13 by Henryk Richter and Gunther Nikl
- ADDED:  PNGdt 44.6 by Gunther Nikl
- ADDED:  New AmiKit splash logo. Right-click > AmiKit > About for its animated version :)
- ADDED:  XMP 1.0 Module Player Plugin for Hollywood by Andreas Falkenhahn
- ADDED:  You can mount the ISO images with double-click now.
- ADDED:  UnADF 1.2 by Andrew Bell (AmiKit:C)
- ADDED:  ZGifDatatype 39.18 by Michael Zucchi
- ADDED:  Various minor improvements and cleanups here and there.

- UPDATED:  AMICast Player 1.3.1 by Krzysztof Radzikowski
- UPDATED:  AmiKit Startup-Sequence 11.3 is much more robust now and ready for AmigaOS 3.2 too!
- UPDATED:  AmiKit Dracula 11.3 is a bit smarter now ;)
- UPDATED:  AmiKit Shell-Startup improved a bit.
- UPDATED:  AmiKit Quick Guide PDF
- UPDATED:  AmiKitReset 11.3 will now reset DOpus and RetroSwitch too.
- UPDATED:  AmigaAMP 3.28 by Thomas Wenzel
- UPDATED:  AmiSSL 4.6 by AmiSSL Open Soure Team
- UPDATED:  AssignWedge patch is now done by ReqChange instead of MCP (MCP.config.bak1120 is created)
- UPDATED:  ChangeExp 1.03 by Holger Hippenstiel
- UPDATED:  Diablo - DevilutionX (22-Feb-20) by A.Jarosik, M.Beijer and S.Devulder
- UPDATED:  Directory Opus 5 Disk filetypes.
- UPDATED:  DOSBox 0.74.019 RTG port by NovaCoder
- UPDATED:  Eagleplayer 2.06 by Jan Blumenthal & Henryk Richter
- UPDATED:  EvenMore 0.92 by Chris Perver
- UPDATED:  flac 1.3.3 by Xiph.Org Foundation
- UPDATED:  Fonts cache enabled for the system without AfA_OS. The first font requester will create the cache.
- UPDATED:  gzip 1.2.4 by Jean-loup Gailly
- UPDATED:  IBrowse 2.5.3 DEMO by Stefan Burstrom and Omnipresence Intl.
- UPDATED:  IconLib 46.4.533 by Peter Keunecke
- UPDATED:  LoadModule 45.16 by Thomas Richter and Etienne Vogt
- UPDATED:  Mad TV WHDLoad Slave 1.2 by C-Fou!
- UPDATED:  MCC_BetterString 11.34 Open Source Team
- UPDATED:  MCC_NList 0.126 by Open Source Team
- UPDATED:  MCC_TextEditor 15.54 by Open Source Team
- UPDATED:  MCC_TheBar 26.20 by Open Source Team
- UPDATED:  ModExplorer 3.1 by Joerg Renkert
- UPDATED:  MUI 5.0 (2019R1) by Stefan Stuntz, Thore Bockelman and Jens Maus
- UPDATED:  MUIbase 4.2 by Steffen Gutmann
- UPDATED:  NetSurf 3.10 (24-June-2020) by Artur Jarosik
- UPDATED:  OpenDUNE 0.9.014 Amiga RTG port by NovaCoder
- UPDATED:  Opus Audio Tools 0.2 (libopus v1.3.1) by Gregory Maxwell and the team
- UPDATED:  RenderLib 32.0 by Timm S. Müller
- UPDATED:  Scalos and DirOpus4 prefs slightly updated.
- UPDATED:  ScummVM RTG (Fullscreen) 2.1.2 by Artur Jarosik
- UPDATED:  SmartFilesystem 1.280 fix by Doobrey
- UPDATED:  UnLZX2 replaced with regular UnLZX
- UPDATED:  UnRAR 5.90 by Alexander Roshal, Amiga port by Marcin Labenski
- UPDATED:  WHDLoad 18.6 (build 6030, 18.5.2020) by Bert Jahn et al.

- FIXED:  
MiniSlug game works in 32-bit mode now!
- FIXED:  AmiStart menus include MiniSlug game now (a backup is created first, of course).
- FIXED:  AHI Prefs and ahi.device might have been overwritten by older versions.
- FIXED:  Alternative position of Shell window looks better in FullHD mode now.
- FIXED:  AMIcastPlayer filename is now compatible with its online updates.
- FIXED:  BoxxTrilogy game launcher works again now.
- FIXED:  CLICon moved from C: to SYS:System folder according to its manual.
- FIXED:  Directory Opus memory leaks fixed.
- FIXED:  DOpus now plays MIDI files with MIDIPlay.
- FIXED:  iGame database fixed - all games should launch now.
- FIXED:  Few catalog and documentation files were misplaced.
- FIXED:  Few files didn't have all protection bits set.
- FIXED:  MadTV game doesn't throw any GURUs on you anymore.
- FIXED:  There's a bit more ChipMem available in DOpus now!
- FIXED:  UnADF to RAM creates icons in correct places now.
- REMOVED:  AmiModRadio (did not work)
- REMOVED:  All akDatatypes. Feel free to purchase new ones from

Special thanks to Dimitris Panokostas, Jakub Hajda, Philipp Lonke, Keith Matthews, Thomas Scheller and Artur Jarosik for beta-testing.