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AmiKit 12 for Raspberry Pi 4/400


March 2023: AmiKit 12.1 (2.5MB) - HOTFIX


- UPDATED:   AmiSSL 5.8 by AmiSSL Open Soure Team (and re-installed AmiSSL4 for older apps)
- FIXED:         AmigaOS 3.2.2 update was not actually installed by Morpheuz if your AmiKit was already running AmigaOS 3.2.1 before you upgraded to AmiKit 12 :(
                       This is fixed automaticaly providing the Update3.2.1.lha and Update3.2.2.lha archives are still in RabbitHole:
- FIXED:         Startup-Sequence did not turn on full CPU speed if it was previously turned off by a game or demo.
- FIXED:         On macOS Ventura and Linux, EaglePlayer and HippoPlayer shuttered when moving windows. This was fixed by switching them to AHI mode. However, other players using Paula mode may still suffer.
- FIXED:         Minor tweaks here and there
- FIXED:         On certain systems some variables were not saved to ENVARC. That affected:
  • AmiKitReset command did not set the desktop environment back to DOpus
  • WHDload (and some other) games & demos did not turn on some previously turned off variables
  • AmiKit 12 Intro started every time the system booted (when it should have started only once)
  • Morpheuz did not save some of its variables related to AmigaOS 3.2


    Special thanks to Dimitris Panokostas, Philipp Lonke, Sigurbjorn Larusson, Poison, Katazakis, Pi1200, Wawa Kopa Saghalie, K-P Koljonen and everyone else who helped us with this update!




    - To highlight the most important new features, we created a stylish slideshow for you that will launch automatically after upgrade.
    - This major upgrade brings enhanced emulation engine including optimized configuration for better stability, performance and gaming experience too!
    - AmiKit has a new white & dark look. The kitty has turned into a real panther now!
    - There are 3 new theme presets - check them out with Morpheuz. Besides the default Panther one, there is a green kitty one as well as blue one showing High Tatras mountains in my beloved Slovakia.
    - AmiKit has been enriched with 3 exciting new old games: An unofficial remake of Turrican II - The Final Fight!, a Colonization-style strategy game Settle The World and good old classic Mad TV! Note that you can also download the games free of charge from their respective websites (see below).
    - WHDLoad and most of other pre-installed games now run in full-window mode for better gaming experience.
    - CopyMem operations are much faster now. This also means much smoother solid window moving and resizing.
    - AmiKit now supports 8K resolution. Hope you have good glasses, though!
    - Overall system responsiveness is improved especially if using CPU intensive tasks. Just enable "Executive" in new Morpheuz > System Settings > Startup Manager. IMPORTANT: Be advised that not all programs might run as expected with Executive enabled.
    - New Morpheuz 12, the tool allowing you to fine-tune system and visual settings to your preference, is now better than ever.
    - Many DOpus FileTypes have been enhanced, including the Essential menu.
    - For increased security, AmiKit doesn't reveal that it runs under emulation anymore.
    - AmiKit can now use the new AmigaOS 3.2.2 update. Use Morpheuz to install it (at your own risk).
    - Opening files from the Amiga desktop using Rabbit Hole apps has been fixed/improved.
    - There's a plenty of existing software updates too, as always.


    - ADDED:       A cool "What's New" AmiKit slideshow! (Ballada music by XTD)
    - ADDED:       Three new AmiKit themes! Running panther is the new default now (use the new Morpheuz to check the other two: Green one by Apofiss, Blue one showing High Tatras in Slovakia)
    - ADDED:       CopyMemAIO 5.0 by Holger Hippenstiel
    - ADDED:       Executive 2.10 + free keyfile by Petri Nordlund. IMPORTANT: Be advised that not all programs might run as expected with Executive enabled.
    - ADDED:       AmigaDOS manuals in the HELP:English/Amiga folder. Or in shell simply type 'AmigaDOS' or 'AmigaDOS.pdf' or 'AmigaRexx'
    - ADDED:       Iconic 1.0 Hollywood Plugin by Andreas Falkenhahn
    - ADDED:       IBrowse 2.5.8 (020/FPU) DEMO by Stefan Burstrom and Omnipresence Intl.
    - ADDED:       Image2PDF 1.4 (in AmiKit:Tools) by Bernd Assenmacher
    - ADDED:       Jesus on E's by LSD, an OCS demo from 1992
    - ADDED:       Mad TV by Rainbow Arts. Amazing TV simulator game from 1991! Now freeware. (AmiKit:Games)
    - ADDED:       Odyssey Remake 2023 link by KERN
    - ADDED:       RNOEffects 1.4 (FPU) by jPV^RNO (in AmiKit:Utilities)
    - ADDED:       Settle The World game (Feb-2023) by Christian Wiegel (in AmiKit:Games)
    - ADDED:       Technological Death music track remastered link by XTD
    - ADDED:       Terminal demo by The Experience (1998)
    - ADDED:       Turrican II - The Final Fight game (unofficial remake 1.18) by Sonic Sloth (in AmiKit:Games)
    - ADDED:       ZIP 1.2 Hollywood Plugin by Andreas Falkenhahn

    - ENGINE:      Amiberry 5.5.1 with plenty of new features and bugfixes by Dimitris Panokostas
    - ENGINE:      Amiberry config has been optimized for better stability, performance and gaming experience too!
    - ENGINE:      Picasso96FixV2 by Holger Hippenstiel

    - UPDATED:   AmiKit Morpheuz 12.0 by Jan Zahurancik
    - UPDATED:   AmiKit Startup-Sequence 12.0 by Jan Zahurancik
    - UPDATED:   AmiKitReset 12.0 by Jan Zahurancik
    - UPDATED:   AmigaAMP 3.33 by Thomas Wenzel
    - UPDATED:   AmiSSL 5.7 by AmiSSL Open Soure Team
    - UPDATED:   AVCodec 1.5 Hollywood Plugin by Andreas Falkenhahn
    - UPDATED:   AWeb APL Lite 3.5.091, now with AmiSSL support by AWeb APL Development Team & Mirek Michalak
    - UPDATED:   ChangeExp 2.01 by Holger Hippenstiel
    - UPDATED:   DOpus picture filetype now allows easy conversion to PDF by right-mouse click
    - UPDATED:   GrafX2 2.8 ported by Artur Jarosik
    - UPDATED:   HippoPlayer 2.56 by Kari-Pekka Koljonen
    - UPDATED:   HollyMan 10 - a Workbench Pacman clone by Vaughan Roberts and Andreas Falkenhahn
    - UPDATED:   Hollywood Player 10 (FPU) by Andreas Falkenhahn
    - UPDATED:   Identify Library 40.2 by Richard 'Shred' Koerber and contributors
    - UPDATED:   iGame 2.2.1 (30-Jan-2023) by E.Vasilakis, D.Panokostas, G.Sokianos, C.Charabaruk and J.R.Santurde
    - UPDATED:   iGame image previews
    - UPDATED:   Infinite Music Player (IMP) 3.401 by Pawel Nowak
    - UPDATED:   JFIFdt44 44.18 by Henryk Richter and Gunther Nikl
    - UPDATED:   Lupe 2.1 by Matthias Boecker
    - UPDATED:   MUIbase 4.5 by Steffen Gutmann
    - UPDATED:   NetSurf 3.10dev (6-March-2023) by Artur Jarosik
    - UPDATED:   PlaySID library 1.4 by P.Sundell, R.Birk, D.Lem
    - UPDATED:   Opening files from the Amiga desktop using Rabbit Hole apps has been fixed/improved thanks to Dimitris Panokostas' host-multiview command
    - UPDATED:   RNOInfoScreen 1.8 (FPU) by jPV^RNO
    - UPDATED:   RNOPDF 1.6 (FPU) by jPV^RNO
    - UPDATED:   Wet 6.9 by Chris Young
    - UPDATED:   Demos and games icons' and windows' positions have been tidied up a bit.
    - REMOVED:  AmiBrixx, ModExplorer, few demos and AmIRC have been removed as they didn't work as expected (for your IRC needs use WookieChat).
    - FIXED:         ChaosPro works again (on launch you need to set 3 screen modes, in each increase the number of colours to maximum and tick both Default fields)
    - FIXED:         DOPus RabbitHole filetypes. Now they work even in the icon mode.
    - FIXED:         Many various minor bugs fixed here and there (and enhancements too!)


    Dimitris Panokostas, Philipp Lonke, Epsilon, Walkero, Sigurbjorn Larusson, Miko Helsing, Alexzander Faryniak, Chris aka Plouf, Artur Jarosik, Wawa Kopa Saghalie, Uigiflip, Robert Downs, Wurstbrot, Patrick Robinson, Anbjorn Myren, K-P Koljonen, Torque, Simon Foster, Christian Wiegel, Alastair Murray, Dirk Trowe, Espen Skog and everyone else who helped us with this update!

    AmiKit XE 11.9.0 (December 2022) - A MAINTENANCE UPDATE, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    We've fixed a few minor (but annoying) bugs for you before we release a bigger upgrade in 2023.

    Btw. did you know you can install new or old Picasso96 into AmiKit very easily by simply placing the new or old archive into the RequiredFiles and rebooting afterwards? Just make sure it is named Picasso96.lha :)

    Oh, and do NOT update the Linux environment if everything works :) AmiKit will prompt you to do so if that is really necessary.


    - CHANGED:  Amiberry refresh rate settings has been changed from "default" to "chipset" for better performance
    - ADDED:       The 16bit HiFi audio is set as default AHI mode now
    - ADDED:       We added Network Settings launcher into the RabbitHole folder so you can now manage your network connections from AmiKit easily.
    - UPDATED:   Fine-tuned Amplifier,AmigaAMP and SongPlayer config so they can handle audio replaying better
    - UPDATED:   Another World WHDLoad Slave 2.8 by Harry & JOTD
    - UPDATED:   Shell-Startup has been enhanced with some common Linux commands aliases
    - UPDATED:   DOpus5 Filetypes for MPEG, AIFF, MAUD and WAVE. Now you can add those audio files to Amplifier too using the right-mouse click & hold menu.
    - CHANGED:  Automatic Linux updates are disabled now. You can always update Linux from its start menu if necessary.
    - FIXED:         Some older Shell-Startup aliases did not work as intended
    - FIXED:         You might have ended up with older WHDLoad version after installing BoingBags or Morpheuz patches
    - FIXED:         Temporary folders for JPEG decoding and for other tools are back in T: now
    - FIXED:         The Support Forum link in the Linux start menu works now
    - FIXED:         Some catalogs files were misplaced.
    - NOTE:          Due to a bug in Amiberry AHI routine, currently only Amplifier can replay MP3 files correctly. That will be fixed in future Amiberry update, of course.

    Thanks to Dimitris Panokostas, Philipp Lonke, Pi1200, GeoKM, Arczi, Robert Downs and everyone else who helped us with this update!

      Special Amiga37 Limited Edition is available now:


    AmiKit XE 11.8.2 (October 2022) - A MAINTENANCE UPDATE


    - AMIKIT:       The update process has been optimized
    - UPDATED:  New Amiberry 5.4 with plenty of new features and bugfixes by Dimitris Panokostas
    - UPDATED:  WHDLoad, controllers and other databases have been updated too
    - UPDATED:  New Linux system (required for new Amiberry)

    Thanks to Dimitris Panokostas, Pi1200 and others who helped us with this update!

    AmiKit XE 11.8.1 (July 2022) - AN UNEXPECTED SUMMER UPDATE :)


    - UPDATED:  Amiberry 5.3 by Dimitris Panokostas
    - UPDATED:  WHDLoad database
    - FIXED:        Amplifier pop-up notifications might not work in certain circumstances
    - ISSUE:        If you're experiencing a laggy mouse after Linux update, check our Support Forum for a solution.


    New Features
      - statusline resync indicator, merged from latest WinUAE
      - AmiQuit was missing from file (fixes #976)
      - Fixed P96 not working anymore in some environments (fixes #989)
      - input options were not properly parsed when using default.uae on startup, until the GUI was opened once (#986)
      - Navigation in Custom controls when using SDL2 versions older than 2.0.14 wasn't correct (fixes #980)
      - don't overwrite all of changed_prefs when enabling autoheight in DMX
      - Reverted CIA changes until upstream bug is fixed (fixes #985)
      - Updated WHDLoad binary to 18.8
      - updated WHDBooter XML to latest version
      - Added logging when parsing Custom Controls from XML
      - CD32 C2P/NVRAM only config fixes, C2P init fix.
      - Add Brightness/Contrast controls on the GUI #974
      - upgraded floppybridge to latest version (v1.3), fixes some issues with GreaseWeazle
      - fixed multiple datatype related compiler warnings
      - merged various definitions from latest WinUAE
      - CPU emulation STOP update
      - upgraded FloppyBridge to v1.3
      - check for w/h values before setting custom limits
      - newcpu emulation minor fixes
      - set a default pattern for memory hard reset

    Special thanks to Dimitris Panokostas, Philipp Lonke, Lotemax (Saghalie), Pi1200 and others who helped us with this update!

    AmiKit XE 11.8.0 (May 2022) can use AmigaOS 3.2 now!


    Please be advised that you still need an earlier AmigaOS version (like Amiga Forever, OS3.9, etc.) to install AmiKit. Then you can install AmigaOS 3.2 on top of it.


    - NEW:          AmigaOS 3.2.1 works with AmiKit on Raspberry Pi now! Use Morpheuz to install it (at your own risk) on top of your current AmigaOS version used in AmiKit.
    - ADDED:      AmiKit Dark VisualPrefs theme for AmigaOS 3.2
    - ADDED:      NWait 1.0 by Allan Versaevel (AmiKit:C)
    - UPDATED:  AmiKit Morpheuz 11.7.0 by Jan Zahurancik
    - UPDATED:  AmiKit Startup-Sequence 11.6.1 including install and startup support scripts
    - UPDATED:  AmiKit VisualPrefs themes for FullHD resolution (and AmigaOS 3.2 too)
    - UPDATED:  AmiKitReset 11.6.1 command resets patches, startup apps and screenmode to default state
    - UPDATED:  ADiffView 2.2 by Uwe Rosner (with a code from M.Hertel)
    - UPDATED:  AmigaAMP 3.31 by Thomas Wenzel
    - UPDATED:  AmiSSL 4.12 by AmiSSL Open Soure Team
    - UPDATED:  Another World WHDLoad Slave 2.7 by Harry & JOTD
    - UPDATED:  Ask Your Amiga (AYA) 0.6 by ALB42
    - UPDATED:  HippoPlayer 2.52 by Kari-Pekka Koljonen
    - UPDATED:  HollyMan 9.1 - a Workbench Pacman clone by Andreas Falkenhahn
    - UPDATED:  Hollywood Player 9.1 by Andreas Falkenhahn
    - UPDATED:  hURL 1.2 Hollywood Plugin by Andreas Falkenhahn
    - UPDATED:  JFIFdt44 44.17 by Henryk Richter and Gunther Nikl
    - UPDATED:  MUI 5.0 (20210831) by Stefan Stuntz, Thore Bockelman and Jens Maus
    - UPDATED:  MUIbase 4.4 by Steffen Gutmann
    - UPDATED:  UnRAR 6.11 by Alexander Roshal, Amiga port by Marcin Labenski
    - UPDATED:  VirusZ Bootblocks (9-Nov-2021) by Virus Help Team
    - UPDATED:  VisualPrefs 1.5n by Massimo Tantignone
    - UPDATED:  WHDLoad 18.7 (build 6366, 15-Dec-2021) by Bert Jahn et al.
    - UPDATED:  xvs.library 33.45 by Georg Wittmann
    - FIXED:        A possible endless loop of AmiKit AddDown script
    - REMOVED: Russian locale, catalogs and fonts


    - UPDATED:  Amiberry 5.1 by Dimitris Panokostas
    - UPDATED:  Game Controller and WHDLoad databases
    - IMPORTANT New Amiberry requires up-to-date Linux. Run 'Update Linux' from its start menu.

    Special thanks to Dimitris Panokostas, Philipp Lonke, Robert Downs and others who helped us with this update!

    Big thanks to everyone supporting the brave people of Ukraine!

    AmiKit XE 11.7.1 (November 2021)


    - UPDATED:  AmiSSL 4.11 by AmiSSL Open Soure Team
    - UPDATED:  guigfx.library 20.1 (FPU) by Timm S. Mueller
    - UPDATED:  HippoPlayer 2.48 by Kari-Pekka Koljonen
    - UPDATED:  Infinite Music Player Infinite Music Player 3.353 by Pawel Nowak
    - UPDATED:  MysticView 1.07 by Timm S. Mueller
    - UPDATED:  RapaGUI 2.1 Hollywood Plugin by Andreas Falkenhahn
    - UPDATED:  xvs.library 33.44 by Georg Wittmann
    - FIXED:        HippoPlayer uses the default AHI mode now (if enabled)
    - FIXED:        Workaround for Infinite Music Player self-update: AmiKit will always launch the newest version now


    - UPDATED:  Amiberry 4.1.6 by Dimitris Panokostas

    Special thanks to Philipp Lonke, Dimitris Panokostas and others who helped us with this update!

    For support or bugreport please visit our Support Forum or get in touch via Discord

    AmiKit XE 11.7.0 (October 2021)

    A Sweet Autumn Update of AmiKit for Raspberry Pi is here increasing performance and security as well delivering a bunch of program updates. Enjoy!
    It also includes 3 songs in memory of Paul van der Valk.



    - ADDED:      host-multiview 1.0 by Dimitris Panokostas. It allows you to open Amiga files with default Linux app!
    - UPDATED:  ADiffView 2.0 by Uwe Rosner (with a code from M.Hertel)
    - UPDATED:  AmiSSL 4.10 by AmiSSL Open Soure Team
    - UPDATED:  HippoPlayer 2.47 by Kari-Pekka Koljonen
    - UPDATED:  Infinite Module Player (IMP) 3.28 by Pawel Nowak
    - UPDATED:  JFIFdt44 44.15 by Henryk Richter and Gunther Nikl
    - UPDATED:  MCC_BetterString 11.36 Open Source Team
    - UPDATED:  MCC_NList 0.127 by Open Source Team
    - UPDATED:  MCC_TextEditor 15.56 by Open Source Team
    - UPDATED:  MCC_TheBar 26.22 by Open Source Team
    - UPDATED:  RapaGUI 2.0 Hollywood Plugin by Andreas Falkenhahn
    - UPDATED:  RNOPDF 1.4 by jPV^RNO
    - UPDATED:  SnoopDos 3.11 by Eddy Carroll, Thomas Richter et al.
    - UPDATED:  UnRAR 6.02 by Alexander Roshal, Amiga port by Marcin Labenski
    - UPDATED:  VirusZ 1.04 by Georg Wittmann
    - UPDATED:  xvs.library 33.44 by Georg Wittmann
    - FIXED:        Initialising of YAM theme works now
    - FIXED:        If you're experiencing sound glitches, in new Amiberry increase the sound buffer to 8


    - UPDATED:  Amiberry 4.1.5 by Dimitris Panokostas, the emulation engine of AmiKit, now with MANY bugfixes and increased performance including Fast Copper too!
    - UPDATED:  Game Controller and WHDLoad databases
    - UPDATED:  Linux updates (included with new image only; for existing installation simply run "Update Linux" from start menu)

    Last but not least, we've added 3 music tracks in memory of Paul van der Valk who recently passed away. He was the author of Medley Sound Editor and Future Player as well as the superb Imploder themes. Hear his truly unique sound thanks to updated HippoPlayer which supports his music format now (as the only player out there!).
    Simply launch HippoPlayer, press the Play button and choose a song from the PaulVanDerValk folder. Just keep in mind that one Medley song includes multiple subsongs! For example, Imploder4 includes nine subsongs while the main tune is the very last one :) Same for the Combat song. Use the >| button to play the next subsong (or just press the Right Arrow key).
    Oh, and we've added Medley DOpus filetype, so you can simply double-click any .mso music file to play it instantly :)

    Special thanks to Dimitris Panokostas, Philipp Lonke, Dwight Bonney, Keith Matthews, Krzysztof Radzikowski, Epsilon, DesertBlizzard, Robert Downs and others who helped us with this update!

    For support or bugreport please visit our Support Forum or get in touch via Discord

    AmiKit XE 11.6.0 (June 2021)

    Thanks to your support this update features AHI and Bluetooth support as well as a number of other improvements, updates and fixes too. Enjoy!


    - ADDED:  AHI audio support - Apps & games using AHI work now! (Paula 8bit stereo++)
    - ADDED:  Be Kool Fool demo by Focus Design: 1st at Gerp 2015
    - ADDED:  GMPlay 1.3 by Christian Buchner
    - ADDED:  GMPlayMUI 1.2 by Charlie/Stipey
    - ADDED:  GMTones 1&2 by Martin Caspersson
    - ADDED:  Minor cleanups here and there

    - UPDATED:  AmigaAMP 3.29 by Thomas Wenzel
    - UPDATED:  AmiSSL 4.9 by AmiSSL Open Soure Team
    - UPDATED:  AmiStart menus include AHI apps games now (your current menu config is backuped first: AmiKit:Utilities/EXPANSION/AmiStart/sm.prefs.bak1150)
    - UPDATED:  Ask Your Amiga (AYA) 0.5 by ALB42
    - UPDATED:  Hollywood Player 9.0 by Andreas Falkenhahn
    - UPDATED:  iGame 2.1b2 (15-Mar-2021) by Emmanuel Vasilakis and Contributors
    - UPDATED:  Infinite Module Player 1.21 by Pawel Nowak
    - UPDATED:  LoadModule 45.18 by Thomas Richter and Etienne Vogt
    - UPDATED:  MorpheuZ 11.6 (internal part of AmiKit) by Jan Zahurancik
    - UPDATED:  VisualPrefs 1.5m by Massimo Tantignone

    - FIXED:  AmiStart taskbar menu in HD mode does not scale anymore with each task icon displayed.
    - FIXED:  MIDI songs work now! Simply double-click any .mid file, eg. in AmiKit:Utilities/GMPlay/MIDI-Files folder.
    - FIXED:  VisualPrefs (and Birdie) theme works again if enabled in MorpheuZ (and AfA_OS is disabled at the same time)
    - FIXED:  Switching from DOpus to Workbench and back (via MorpheuZ) should work now again.
    - FIXED:  Matrix screen blanker disabled as it interfered with IMP and resulted in system lock.
    - NOTE:  If DOpus Aminet FTP doesn't work for you, check the passive box in FTPOptions > Misc settings.


    - UPDATED:  Amiberry 4.1.4 by Dimitris Panokostas
    - UPDATED:  Linux updates (included with new image; for existing installation simply run "Update Linux" from start menu)
    - FIXED:  Linux Bluetooth Adapter works now so you can connect all your Bluetooth devices, finally! If your Bluetooth audio is distorted, install brcm-patchram-plus package.
    - ENDCLI:  Oh, and now you can close any Linux terminal window with EndCLI command :)

    Special thanks to Dimitris Panokostas, Philipp Lonke, Dwight Bonney, Robert Downs, Epsilon and others who helped us with this update!
    For support or bugreport please visit our Support Forum

    AmiKit XE 11.5.0 (April 2021) - BIG RELEASE FOR RASPBERRY PI 4/400!

    We’ve been hard at work on a bucketload of improvements, updates and fixes to make this release the best AmiKit we’ve ever released.
    In fact, we put so much work into this, that we had no time left to write down a proper and detailed changelog. But it will come sooner or later! ;-)