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AmiKit 12 for Windows / macOS / Linux


March 2023: AmiKit 12.1 (2.5MB) - HOTFIX


- UPDATED:   AmiSSL 5.8 by AmiSSL Open Soure Team (and re-installed AmiSSL4 for older apps)
- FIXED:         AmigaOS 3.2.2 update was not actually installed by Morpheuz if your AmiKit was already running AmigaOS 3.2.1 before you upgraded to AmiKit 12 :(
                       This is fixed automaticaly providing the Update3.2.1.lha and Update3.2.2.lha archives are still in RabbitHole:
- FIXED:         Opening files with RabbitHole apps work again with double-click.
- FIXED:         Startup-Sequence did not turn on full CPU speed if it was previously turned off by a game or demo.
- FIXED:         On macOS Ventura and Linux, EaglePlayer and HippoPlayer shuttered when moving windows. This was fixed by switching them to AHI mode. However, other players using Paula mode may still suffer.
- FIXED:         Minor tweaks here and there
- FIXED:         On certain systems some variables were not saved to ENVARC. That affected:
  • AmiKitReset command did not set the desktop environment back to DOpus
  • WHDload (and some other) games & demos did not turn on some previously turned off variables
  • AmiKit 12 Intro started every time the system booted (when it should have started only once)
  • Morpheuz did not save some of its variables related to AmigaOS 3.2


    Special thanks to Dimitris Panokostas, Philipp Lonke, Sigurbjorn Larusson, Poison, Katazakis, Pi1200, Wawa Kopa Saghalie, K-P Koljonen and everyone else who helped us with this update!




    - To highlight the most important new features, we created a stylish animated intro for you that will launch automatically after upgrade. In fact, there's not just one animation! Can you find more? Ask at Discord for a hint ;)
    - This major upgrade brings enhanced emulation emulation engine including optimized configuration for better stability, performance and gaming experience too!
    - AmiKit has a new white & dark look. The kitty has turned into a real panther now!
    - There are 3 new theme presets - check them out with Morpheuz. Besides the default Panther one, there is a green kitty one as well as blue one showing High Tatras mountains in my beloved Slovakia.
    - AmiKit has been enriched with 2 exciting new old games: An unofficial remake of Turrican II - The Final Fight!, and a Colonization-style strategy game Settle The World. Note that you can also download both games free of charge from their respective websites (see below).
    - WHDLoad and most of other pre-installed games now run in full-window mode for better gaming experience.
    - CopyMem operations are 5 times faster now thanks to using the native WinUAE code. This also means much smoother solid window moving and resizing.
    - AmiKit now supports 8K resolution. Hope you have good glasses, though!
    - MousoMeter, a very interesting tool measuring the distance you make with your mouse is running in background now. How many kilometers can you make? Press Ctrl+Alt+m to find out. And then RightAmiga+a (while the MouseMeter window is active) for some really funny statistics. Just don't forget to calibrate your mouse first!
    - Overall system responsiveness is improved especially if using CPU intensive tasks. Just enable "Executive" in new Morpheuz > System Settings > Startup Manager. IMPORTANT: Be advised that not all programs might run as expected with Executive enabled.
    - New Morpheuz 12, the tool allowing you to fine-tune system and visual settings to your preference, is now better than ever.
    - Many DOpus FileTypes have been enhanced, including the Essential menu.
    - Included special version of AmiKick can now recognize almost all AmigaOS Kickstart ROMs including 3.2.2. Just double-click some to display details or even extract ROM modules from it!
    - For increased security, AmiKit doesn't reveal that it runs under emulation anymore.
    - AmiKit can now use the new AmigaOS 3.2.2 update. Use Morpheuz to install it (at your own risk).
    - New software have been added such as RNOTunes (in a stylish dark theme) or Image2PDF allowing you to convert images to PDF with a right-click.
    - There's a plenty of existing software updates too, as always.


    - ADDED:       A cool "What's New" AmiKit intro(s)! Can you find more animations? Ask at Discord if you need a hint ;) (Ballada music by XTD)
    - ADDED:       Three new AmiKit themes! Running panther is the new default now (use the new Morpheuz to check the other two: Green one by Apofiss, Blue one showing High Tatras in Slovakia)
    - ADDED:       SPECIAL AMIKIT EDITION of AmiKick 1.12 by Roman Brenski / RomanWorkshop (in RabbitHole:WinUAE/AmiKick)
    - ADDED:       CopyMemAIO 5.0 by Holger Hippenstiel
    - ADDED:       Executive 2.10 + free keyfile by Petri Nordlund. IMPORTANT: Be advised that not all programs might run as expected with Executive enabled.
    - ADDED:       AAC music format support thanks to the amazing RNOTunes app
    - ADDED:       AmigaDOS manuals in the HELP:English/Amiga folder. Or in shell simply type 'AmigaDOS' or 'AmigaDOS.pdf' or 'AmigaRexx'
    - ADDED:       Iconic 1.0 Hollywood Plugin by Andreas Falkenhahn
    - ADDED:       Image2PDF 1.4 (in AmiKit:Tools) by Bernd Assenmacher
    - ADDED:       MousoMeter 2.03 by Wolfgang Breyha (in AmiKit:WBStartup)
    - ADDED:       RNOEffects 1.4 (FPU) by jPV^RNO (in AmiKit:Utilities)
    - ADDED:       RNOTunes 1.0 (FPU) by jPV^RNO (in AmiKit:Utilities)
    - ADDED:       Settle The World game (Feb-2023) by Christian Wiegel (in AmiKit:Games)
    - ADDED:       Turrican II - The Final Fight game (unofficial remake 1.18) by Sonic Sloth (in AmiKit:Games)
    - ADDED:       ZIP 1.2 Hollywood Plugin by Andreas Falkenhahn

    - ADDED:       9 Fingers demo by Spaceballs (1990)
    - ADDED:       Arte demo by Sanity (1993)
    - ADDED:       Crazy Sexy Cool demo by Essence (1995)
    - ADDED:       Faktory demo by Virtual Dreams/Fairlight (1995)
    - ADDED:       Jesus on E's demo by LSD (1992)
    - ADDED:       Odyssey Remake 2023 link by KERN
    - ADDED:       Origin demo by Complex (1993)
    - ADDED:       Technological Death music track remastered link by XTD
    - ADDED:       Terminal demo by The Experience (1998)
    - ADDED:       The Prey demo by Polka Brothers (1994)

    - ENGINE:      WinUAE 4.10.1 (32bit) by Toni Wilen et al., (the 64bit edition is not recommended as it's slower when it comes to I/O operations)
    - ENGINE:      WinUAE configs have been greatly optimized for better stability, performance and gaming experience too!
    - ENGINE:      WinUAEHelp 3.0.5 by G.Veichtlbauer, P.Hutchison and B.Roesch
    - ENGINE:      WinUAE 4.10.1 German translation by BlackByte
    - ENGINE:      Picasso96FixV2 by Holger Hippenstiel

    - UPDATED:   AmiKit Morpheuz 12.0 by Jan Zahurancik
    - UPDATED:   AmiKit Startup-Sequence 12.0 by Jan Zahurancik
    - UPDATED:   AmiKitReset 12.0 by Jan Zahurancik
    - UPDATED:   AmigaAMP 3.33 by Thomas Wenzel
    - UPDATED:   AmiSSL 5.7 by AmiSSL Open Soure Team
    - UPDATED:   AVCodec 1.5 Hollywood Plugin by Andreas Falkenhahn
    - UPDATED:   AWeb APL Lite 3.5.091, now with AmiSSL support by AWeb APL Development Team & Mirek Michalak
    - UPDATED:   ChangeExp 2.01 by Holger Hippenstiel
    - UPDATED:   DOpus mp3 music and similar formats (including samples) are now replayed by RNOTunes on Windows (simply double-click them or press and hold right mouse button over them)
    - UPDATED:   DOpus picture filetype now allows easy conversion to PDF by right-mouse click
    - UPDATED:   DOSBox 0.74.032 RTG port by NovaCoder
    - UPDATED:   GrafX2 2.8 ported by Artur Jarosik
    - UPDATED:   HippoPlayer 2.56 by Kari-Pekka Koljonen
    - UPDATED:   HollyMan 10 - a Workbench Pacman clone by Vaughan Roberts and Andreas Falkenhahn
    - UPDATED:   Hollywood Player 10 (FPU) by Andreas Falkenhahn
    - UPDATED:   IBrowse 2.5.8 (020/FPU) DEMO by Stefan Burstrom and Omnipresence Intl.
    - UPDATED:   Identify Library 40.2 by Richard 'Shred' Koerber and contributors
    - UPDATED:   iGame 2.2.1 (30-Jan-2023) by E.Vasilakis, D.Panokostas, G.Sokianos, C.Charabaruk and J.R.Santurde
    - UPDATED:   iGame image previews
    - UPDATED:   Infinite Music Player (IMP) 3.401 by Pawel Nowak
    - UPDATED:   JFIFdt44 44.18 by Henryk Richter and Gunther Nikl
    - UPDATED:   Lupe 2.1 by Matthias Boecker
    - UPDATED:   MUIbase 4.5 by Steffen Gutmann
    - UPDATED:   NetSurf 3.10dev (6-March-2023) by Artur Jarosik
    - UPDATED:   PlaySID library 1.4 by P.Sundell, R.Birk, D.Lem
    - UPDATED:   RNOInfoScreen 1.8 (FPU) by jPV^RNO
    - UPDATED:   RNOPDF 1.6 (FPU) by jPV^RNO
    - UPDATED:   Wet 6.9 by Chris Young
    - UPDATED:   Demos and games icons' and windows' positions have been tidied up a bit.
    - REMOVED:  AmiBrixx and AmIRC have been removed as they didn't work as expected (for your IRC needs use WookieChat).
    - FIXED:         DOPus RabbitHole filetypes. Now they work even in the icon mode.
    - FIXED:         MadTV game works again :)
    - FIXED:         Many various minor bugs fixed here and there (and enhancements too!)


    Dimitris Panokostas, Philipp Lonke, Epsilon, Walkero, Sigurbjorn Larusson, Miko Helsing, Alexzander Faryniak, Chris aka Plouf, Artur Jarosik, Wawa Kopa Saghalie, Uigiflip, Robert Downs, Wurstbrot, Patrick Robinson, Anbjorn Myren, K-P Koljonen, Torque, Simon Foster, Christian Wiegel, Alastair Murray, Dirk Trowe, Espen Skog and everyone else who helped us with this update!


    AmiKit XE 11.9.0 (December 2022) - MAINTENANCE UPDATE, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    We've fixed a few minor (but annoying) bugs for you before we release a bigger upgrade in 2023.

    Btw. did you know you can install new or old Picasso96 into AmiKit very easily by simply placing the new or old archive into the RabbitHole: and rebooting afterwards? Just make sure it is named Picasso96.lha :)


    - UPDATED:   Another World WHDLoad Slave 2.8 by Harry & JOTD
    - UPDATED:   Shell-Startup has been enhanced with some common Linux commands aliases
    - UPDATED:   DOpus5 Filetypes for MPEG, AIFF, MAUD and WAVE. Now you can add those audio files to Amplifier too using the right-mouse click & hold menu.
    - UPDATED:   Fine-tuned Amplifier,AmigaAMP and SongPlayer config so they can handle audio replaying better
    - FIXED:         Amplifier now uses 16bit AHI mode for audio output
    - FIXED:         Some older Shell-Startup aliases did not work as intended
    - FIXED:         Picasso96.lha was expected in RabitHole:RequiredFiles instead of RabbitHole:
    - FIXED:         You might have ended up with older WHDLoad version after installing BoingBags or Morpheuz patches
    - FIXED:         Some catalogs files were misplaced.

    Special thanks to Dimitris Panokostas, Philipp Lonke, Pi1200, GeoKM, Arczi, Robert Downs and everyone else who helped us with this update!

    AmiKit XE 11.8.0 (June 2022) - Live Update - SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED, SEE BELOW

    Another update to keep your modern retro (game) experience sparkling! The legendary Magic User Interface (MUI5) has been updated together with other famous apps like IBrowse (demo), Hollywood Player, AmigaAMP, etc.

    Also, AmiKit is even more secure now thanks to the new AmiSSL and xvs library, which can detect 881 viruses now!

    Last but not least, this update also includes new iGame launcher, new WHDLoad (a sandbox for playing retro games) as well as new ScummVM which supports most of 8-bit game engines now. Enjoy!


    - UPDATED:   AmiKit Morpheuz 11.7.0 by Jan Zahurancik
    - UPDATED:   ADiffView 2.2 by Uwe Rosner (with a code from M.Hertel)
    - UPDATED:   AmigaAMP 3.31 by Thomas Wenzel
    - UPDATED:   AmiSSL 5.1 by AmiSSL Open Soure Team
    - UPDATED:   Another World WHDLoad Slave 2.7 by Harry & JOTD
    - UPDATED:   Ask Your Amiga (AYA) 0.6 by ALB42
    - UPDATED:   DOpusFTP now uses passive transfers to maximize compatibility
    - UPDATED:   DOpusFTP address book (backup is created first, of course)
    - UPDATED:   HollyMan 9.1 - a Workbench Pacman clone by Andreas Falkenhahn
    - UPDATED:   Hollywood Player 9.1 by Andreas Falkenhahn
    - UPDATED:   hURL 1.2 Hollywood Plugin by Andreas Falkenhahn
    - UPDATED:   IBrowse 2.5.6 (020/FPU) DEMO by Stefan Burstrom and Omnipresence Intl.
    - UPDATED:   iGame 2.1 (4-June-2022) by E.Vasilakis, D.Panokostas, G.Sokianos, C.Charabaruk and J.R.Santurde
    - UPDATED:   Infinite Music Player 3.382 by Pawel Nowak
    - UPDATED:   MUI 5.0 (20210831) by Stefan Stuntz, Thore Bockelman and Jens Maus
    - UPDATED:   MUIbase 4.4 by Steffen Gutmann
    - UPDATED:   ScummVM RTG (Fullscreen) 2.2 by Artur Jarosik
    - UPDATED:   WHDLoad 18.8 (build 6478, 28-May-2022) by Bert Jahn et al.
    - UPDATED:   xvs.library 33.47 by Georg Wittmann

    Special thanks to Philipp Lonke, Artur Jarosik, Robert Downs, Lotemax (Saghalie) and others who helped us with this update.

    AmiKit XE 11.7.0 (May 2022) - Live Update - SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED, SEE BELOW

    CHANGELOG - trying hard to catch up with the AmiKit version number on Rasberry Pi :)

    - UPDATED:   ADiffView 2.1 by Uwe Rosner (with a code from M.Hertel)
    - UPDATED:   AmiSSL 4.11 by AmiSSL Open Soure Team
    - UPDATED:   guigfx.library 20.1 (FPU) by Timm S. Mueller
    - UPDATED:   HippoPlayer 2.52 by Kari-Pekka Koljonen
    - UPDATED:   Infinite Module Player (IMP) 3.379 by Pawel Nowak
    - UPDATED:   JFIFdt44 44.17 by Henryk Richter and Gunther Nikl
    - UPDATED:   MCC_BetterString 11.36 Open Source Team
    - UPDATED:   MCC_NList 0.128 by Open Source Team
    - UPDATED:   MCC_TextEditor 15.56 by Open Source Team
    - UPDATED:   MCC_TheBar 26.22 by Open Source Team
    - UPDATED:   MysticView 1.07 by Timm S. Mueller
    - UPDATED:   RapaGUI 2.1 Hollywood Plugin by Andreas Falkenhahn
    - UPDATED:   RNOPDF 1.4 by jPV^RNO
    - UPDATED:   SnoopDos 3.11 by Eddy Carroll, Thomas Richter et al.
    - UPDATED:   UnRAR 6.11 by Alexander Roshal, Amiga port by Marcin Labenski
    - FIXED:         Initialising of YAM theme works now
    - FIXED:         HippoPlayer uses the default AHI mode now (if enabled)
    - FIXED:         LoadModule was not updated last time

    AmiKit XE 11.6.1 (March 2022) - Live Update - SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED, SEE BELOW


    AmiKit XE 11.6.1 can use AmigaOS 3.2 now!

    Please be advised that you still need an earlier AmigaOS version (like Amiga Forever, OS3.9, etc.) to install AmiKit. Then you can install AmigaOS 3.2 on top of it.


    - NEW:            AmigaOS 3.2.1 works with AmiKit now! Use MorpheuZ to install it (at your own risk) on top of your current AmigaOS version used in AmiKit.
    - ADDED:        AmiKit Dark VisualPrefs theme for AmigaOS 3.2
    - UPDATED:   AmiKit Morpheuz 11.6.2 by Jan Zahurancik
    - UPDATED:   AmiKit VisualPrefs themes for FullHD resolution (and AmigaOS 3.2 too)
    - UPDATED:   AmiKitReset 11.6.1
    - UPDATED:   VisualPrefs 1.5n by Massimo Tantignone
    - UPDATED:   WinUAE 4.9.1 German translation by BlackByte
    - FIXED:         Slow I/O operations of 64-bit WinUAE. A 32-bit executable is used instead.
    - FIXED:         A possible endless loop of AmiKit AddDown script
    - FIXED:         A potential WinUAE misconfiguration where mouse wheel movement was interpreted as LeftAlt keypress.
    - REMOVED: Russian locale, catalogs and fonts

    Big thanks to everyone supporting the brave people of Ukraine!

    AmiKit XE 11.6.0 (February 2022) - Live Update - SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED, SEE BELOW


    - ADDED:  Be Kool Fool demo by Focus Design: 1st at Gerp 2015
    - UPDATED:  AmigaAMP 3.29 by Thomas Wenzel
    - UPDATED:  AmiSSL 4.9 by AmiSSL Open Soure Team
    - UPDATED:  Ask Your Amiga (AYA) 0.5 by ALB42
    - UPDATED:  Hollywood Player 9.0 by Andreas Falkenhahn
    - UPDATED:  iGame 2.1b2 (15-Mar-2021) by Emmanuel Vasilakis and Contributors
    - UPDATED:  LoadModule 45.18 by Thomas Richter and Etienne Vogt
    - UPDATED:  VisualPrefs 1.5m by Massimo Tantignone

    Special thanks to Dimitris Panokostas, Philipp Lonke, Falcon_11, Dwight Bonney, Robert Downs, Epsilon and others who helped us with this update!

    AmiKit XE 11.5.0 (February 2022) - MAJOR UPGRADE - SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED



    - ADDED:  
    AmiBrixx 2.1 game by Joerg Renkert (AmiKit:Games)
    - ADDED:  AmigaAMP/Amplifier pop-up notifications of currently playing tracks or streams
    - ADDED:  Audio streams (m3u) are now recognized and being replayed in AmigaAMP
    - ADDED:  Ask Your Amiga (AYA) 0.4 by ALB42 (AmiKit:Utilities)
    - ADDED:  BackUp 1.91 by Daniel Westerberg from OnyxSoft (AmiKit:Tools)
    - ADDED:  DoomAttack 0.8 by Georg Steger (AmiKit:Games), completed by Roger Haseth
    - ADDED:  Kill 2.27 by Walter Dorwald (AmiKit:C)
    - ADDED:  MiniHex 1.1b by Daniel Westerberg (AmiKit:Tools)
    - ADDED:  NWait 1.0 by Allan Versaevel (AmiKit:C)
    - ADDED:  SCopy 1.08 by John Hendrikx (AmiKit:C)
    - ADDED:  SCSI patch 43.45 for OS39BB2 by Ch.Hodges, T.Wilen, Ch.Sauer
    - ADDED:  VirusZ III 1.04 by Georg Hormann and Dirk Stoecker (AmiKit:Utilities/EXPANSION)

    - AMIKIT:  New 64-bit editions of AmiKit.exe Launcher, RomFind.exe by Rex Schilasky
    - AMIKIT:  Look & feel of all FullHD modes have been improved and became default now
    - AMIKIT:  New Live Update 2.1 by Daniel Westerberg from OnyxSoft
    - AMIKIT:  Improved the way the AmigaOS files are imported to AmiKit. It's even more easier now!
    - AMIKIT:  New Quick Guide describing the new installation procedure.
    - AMIKIT:  Enhanced Startup-Sequence 11.5.1 (a backup is created first)
    - AMIKIT:  If AmiKit was installed with AmigaOS 3.1, the update archives will be downloaded and installed automatically
    - AMIKIT:  Support Startup-Scripts are being launched on startup now
    - AMIKIT:  AmiStart menus for all visual presets have been refreshed (a backup is created first, as always)
    - AMIKIT:  New and refreshed MorpheuZ 11.6.1 with new structure and improved functionality
    - AMIKIT:  New AmiKit splash and animated logo have been added
    - AMIKIT:  Directory Opus screenbar now displays AmiKit, AmigaOS and Kickstart ROM versions
    - AMIKIT:  Directory Opus Menus & FileTypes have been enhanced
    - AMIKIT:  AmiKitReset 11.5.1, a tool to reset AmiKit to default state, has been updated
    - AMIKIT:  Some non-frequent Prefs programs have been moved to AmiKit:Prefs/Misc drawer
    - AMIKIT:  New amikit.ini file will be launching new WinUAE and config from RabbitHole now (see the new sctructure below)
    - AMIKIT:  Original amikit.ini file is backuped (amikit_bak1143.ini). If you updated from 11.4.3, you can still use it to launch your old WinUAE and config.
    - AMIKIT:  Hundreds of other minor improvements under the hood!

    - ENGINE:  WinUAE 4.9.1 by Toni Wilen
    - ENGINE:  WinUAEHelp 3.0.4 by G.Veichtlbauer, P.Hutchison and B.Roesch
    - ENGINE:  WinUAE German translation by BlackByte
    - ENGINE:  WinUAE configs enhanced (audio is now WASAPI, CPU speed is faster with CPU-Idle feature enabled, etc.)
    - ENGINE:  New dir sctructure (located in RabbitHole) will allow us to update WinUAE and other host files even more easily now

    - UPDATED:  AMICast Player 1.31 by Krzysztof Radzikowski
    - UPDATED:  AmiSSL 4.8 by AmiSSL Open Soure Team
    - UPDATED:  Another World WHDLoad Slave 2.7 by Harry & JOTD
    - UPDATED:  Boards Library 3.55 by Torsten Bach, Thomas Barth and Marcus Gerards
    - UPDATED:  ChaosPro ToolTypes updated for better performance
    - UPDATED:  EvenMore 0.94 by Chris Perver
    - UPDATED:  hURL 1.1 Hollywood Plugin by Andreas Falkenhahn
    - UPDATED:  iGame 2.0 (16-Oct-2020) by Emmanuel Vasilakis and Contributors
    - UPDATED:  Infinity Music Player 3.360 by Pawel Nowak
    - UPDATED:  MCC_BetterString 11.35 Open Source Team
    - UPDATED:  MCC_NList 0.127 by Open Source Team
    - UPDATED:  MCC_TextEditor 15.55 by Open Source Team
    - UPDATED:  ModExplorer 3.22 FE by Joerg Renkert
    - UPDATED:  MUI 5.0 (2020R3) by Stefan Stuntz, Thore Bockelman and Jens Maus
    - UPDATED:  MUIbase 4.3 by Steffen Gutmann
    - UPDATED:  Sysinfo 4.4 by Tobias 'Geijer' Geijersson and Nic Wilson
    - UPDATED:  SysinfoBoards 3.7 by Holger Hippenstiel
    - UPDATED:  twittAmiga 4.4.2 by Oliver Urbann
    - UPDATED:  VirusZ Bootblocks (9-Nov-2021) by Virus Help Team
    - UPDATED:  WHDLoad 18.6 (build 6128, 22-Sep-2020) by Bert Jahn et al.
    - UPDATED:  YAM 2.10dev (26-Jan-2021) with AmiSSL support by YAM Open Source Team
    - UPDATED:  xvs.library 33.45 by Georg Wittmann

    - FIXED:  amRSS reader works again. The RSS feeds has been updated
    - FIXED:  Launching of CloudHandlers is a bit smarter now
    - FIXED:  "Create Text File" doesn't recycle documents with similar names anymore
    - FIXED:  VisualPrefs (and Birdie) theme works again if enabled in MorpheuZ (and AfA_OS is disabled at the same time)
    - FIXED:  WHDSaves drawer is in place now
    - FIXED:  Countless of minor fixes and cleanups under the hood
    - REMOVED:  Obsolete or non-working software like AmiComSys, AFNews, TheFall, etc.

    Special thanks to Philipp Lonke, Falcon_11, Robert Downs, George Sokianos, Dimitris Panokostas, Jakub Hajda, Dwight Bonney, Keith Matthews, Artur Jarosik, Christian Sommer and others.
    For support or bugreport please visit our Support Forum

    NOTE: This build was in preparation and testing period for a relatively long time. Meanwhile, some Amiga programs might have received even newer versions than those included in this build. However, the following AmiKit live updates will catch up very quickly.

    AmiKit XE 11.4.3 (January 2022) - A FREE MAINTENANCE UPDATE

    This is the 8th free update for all XE users and 80th free update in the whole history of AmiKit.

    - ADDED:  SCopy 1.08 by John Hendrikx (AmiKit:C)
    - UPDATED:  AmiKit Live Update 2.1 by Daniel Westerberg from OnyxSoft
    - FIXED:  The "Additional Download" script works much better now

    AmiKit XE 11.4.2 (October 2020) - A FREE MAINTENANCE UPDATE

    We've released another free maintenance update to keep your experience sparkling!

    We've also updated, fixed and enhanced few other things including master tools like Dracula and MorpheuZ, and the OS3.1.4 upgrade or Lite Mode works again now.

    The QuickGuide now includes tips for ideal WinUAE display settings for enjoying games even more too! A prompt to download the previously removed software is displayed on startup now, etc. We've also improved the automatic post-installation of Picasso96 and full Roadshow. For instance, if you want to install old or new Picasso96.lha archive, simply place the archive to RabbitHole: (in case of WinUAE) or AmiKit:InstallFiles drawer.


    - UPDATED:  iGame 2.0b8 (8-Oct-2020) by Emmanuel Vasilakis and Contributors
    - UPDATED:  Quick Guide (page 17) now includes tips for ideal WinUAE display settings for enjoying games
    - UPDATED:  UAETools 1.7 by Holger Hippenstiel
    - UPDATED:  Picasso96 and Roadshow installation scripts improved.

    - FIXED:  MorpheuZ 11.4.2 upgrade to OS3.1.4 works again (it downloads required tool now).
    - FIXED:  Window background images look more smooth on wide screens now.

    Special thanks to Dwight Bonney, Robert Downs, Dimitris Panokostas, Jakub Hajda, Philipp Lonke, Keith Matthews, Thomas Scheller, Artur Jarosik for beta-testing.

    AmiKit XE 11.4.1 (September 2020) - A FREE MAINTENANCE UPDATE

    Users of Hyperion's ROM experienced a bug on startup after the previous update. It's now fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. Special thanks to Robert Downs who discovered the bug.

    Oh, and if the previous update hasn't upgraded your winuae.exe, this one should as we're searching for more locations now.

    AmiKit XE 11.4.0 (September 2020) - A FREE FEATURE UPDATE

    Today's update brings a new action-platform game and a very cool old-skool module player too! If you like them, donate to their authors and support their efforts, please.

    AmiKit based on WinUAE now includes new OSX visual theme in MorpheuZ. Oh, and we did something we thought it's impossible - we've managed to update winuae.exe purely from AmigaOS! We're still amazed :)

    As always, we've updated some software on the way and squashed some bugs too. Thank you for your feedback!

    - ADDED:  Dark osX Visual Preset - check it out in MorpheuZ!
    - ADDED:  DOpus file listers now include field titles like name, size, date, access, etc.
    - ADDED:  Hydra Castle Labyrinth port by Artur Jarosik
    - ADDED:  Infinite Module Player 1.05 by Pawel Nowak
    - ADDED:  UAETools 1.6.1 by Holger Hippenstiel
    - ADDED:  Way Too Rude 64k Intro by Logicoma + Loonies (Hoffman, Blueberry, FarFar)

    - UPDATED:  AmiStart clock is transparent now.
    - UPDATED:  DOpus user menus now include UAETools (a backup is created first).
    - UPDATED:  iGame, *AmiStart and **DOpus menus include Hydra Castle Labyrinth game and IMP now (a backup is created first).
    - UPDATED:  Kobo Deluxe game port by Artur Jarosik
    - UPDATED:  WinUAE 4.4.0 by Toni Wilen (if AmiKit is installed in default path)

    - FIXED:  Startup-Sequence prevented AmiKit from booting after installation of OS39+BB1+BB2.
    - FIXED:  MUI images and buttons are not black anymore.
    - FIXED:  MorpheuZ "OS Update" link corrected.
    - FIXED:  PerfectPaint font is in FONTS: now.
    - FIXED:  DOpus Toolbar image size.
    - FIXED:  Cleaned SYS:T drawer after previous update.

    - REMOVED:  PicShow, Thumb, BDSlide, LimpidClock, mpegadt, ScreenText, TSgui by T.Rapp and IconLib by P.Keunecke. Available as an additonal download in MorpheuZ/Dracula now.

    Special thanks to Holger Hippenstiel, Dimitris Panokostas, Jakub Hajda, Philipp Lonke, Keith Matthews, Thomas Scheller and Artur Jarosik for beta-testing.

    AmiKit XE 11.3.0 (August 2020) - A FREE FEATURE UPDATE

    Good day, everyone! Today's release includes a bevy of software updates, a handful of fixes, and even a smackeral of new features ;)

    Especially Startup-Sequence, which got some love. It is much more robust now, it takes better care of patches and ROM modules depending on your AmigaOS version. It supports kick.rom versions 40 up to 47 (which means it's AmigaOS 3.2 ready too!). As a result, your AmiKit should be even more stable now.

    Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback, we love hearing from you!

    - ADDED:  Few new DualPNG game & demo icons by James!
    - ADDED:  JFIFdt44 44.13 by Henryk Richter and Gunther Nikl
    - ADDED:  PNGdt 44.6 by Gunther Nikl
    - ADDED:  New AmiKit splash logo. Right-click > AmiKit > About for its animated version :)
    - ADDED:  XMP 1.0 Module Player Plugin for Hollywood by Andreas Falkenhahn
    - ADDED:  You can mount the ISO images with double-click now.
    - ADDED:  UnADF 1.2 by Andrew Bell (AmiKit:C)
    - ADDED:  ZGifDatatype 39.18 by Michael Zucchi
    - ADDED:  Various minor improvements and cleanups here and there.

    - UPDATED:  AMICast Player 1.3.1 by Krzysztof Radzikowski
    - UPDATED:  AmiKit Startup-Sequence 11.3 is much more robust now and ready for AmigaOS 3.2 too!
    - UPDATED:  AmiKit MorpheuZ 11.3 is a bit smarter now ;)
    - UPDATED:  AmiKit Shell-Startup improved a bit.
    - UPDATED:  AmiKit Quick Guide PDF
    - UPDATED:  AmiKitReset 11.3 will now reset DOpus and RetroSwitch too.
    - UPDATED:  AmigaAMP 3.28 by Thomas Wenzel
    - UPDATED:  AmiSSL 4.6 by AmiSSL Open Soure Team
    - UPDATED:  AssignWedge patch is now done by ReqChange instead of MCP (MCP.config.bak1120 is created)
    - UPDATED:  ChangeExp 1.03 by Holger Hippenstiel
    - UPDATED:  Diablo - DevilutionX (22-Feb-20) by A.Jarosik, M.Beijer and S.Devulder
    - UPDATED:  Directory Opus 5 Disk filetypes.
    - UPDATED:  DOSBox 0.74.019 RTG port by NovaCoder
    - UPDATED:  Eagleplayer 2.06 by Jan Blumenthal & Henryk Richter
    - UPDATED:  EvenMore 0.92 by Chris Perver
    - UPDATED:  flac 1.3.3 by Xiph.Org Foundation
    - UPDATED:  Fonts cache enabled for the system without AfA_OS. The first font requester will create the cache.
    - UPDATED:  gzip 1.2.4 by Jean-loup Gailly
    - UPDATED:  IBrowse 2.5.3 DEMO by Stefan Burstrom and Omnipresence Intl.
    - UPDATED:  IconLib 46.4.533 by Peter Keunecke
    - UPDATED:  LoadModule 45.16 by Thomas Richter and Etienne Vogt
    - UPDATED:  Mad TV WHDLoad Slave 1.2 by C-Fou!
    - UPDATED:  MCC_BetterString 11.34 Open Source Team
    - UPDATED:  MCC_NList 0.126 by Open Source Team
    - UPDATED:  MCC_TextEditor 15.54 by Open Source Team
    - UPDATED:  MCC_TheBar 26.20 by Open Source Team
    - UPDATED:  ModExplorer 3.1 by Joerg Renkert
    - UPDATED:  MUI 5.0 (2019R1) by Stefan Stuntz, Thore Bockelman and Jens Maus
    - UPDATED:  MUIbase 4.2 by Steffen Gutmann
    - UPDATED:  NetSurf 3.10 (24-June-2020) by Artur Jarosik
    - UPDATED:  OpenDUNE 0.9.014 Amiga RTG port by NovaCoder
    - UPDATED:  Opus Audio Tools 0.2 (libopus v1.3.1) by Gregory Maxwell and the team
    - UPDATED:  RenderLib 32.0 by Timm S. Müller
    - UPDATED:  Scalos and DirOpus4 prefs slightly updated.
    - UPDATED:  ScummVM RTG (Fullscreen) 2.1.2 by Artur Jarosik
    - UPDATED:  SmartFilesystem 1.280 fix by Doobrey
    - UPDATED:  UnLZX2 replaced with regular UnLZX
    - UPDATED:  UnRAR 5.90 by Alexander Roshal, Amiga port by Marcin Labenski
    - UPDATED:  WHDLoad 18.6 (build 6030, 18.5.2020) by Bert Jahn et al.

    - FIXED:  
    MiniSlug game works in 32-bit mode now!
    - FIXED:  AmiStart menus include MiniSlug game now (a backup is created first, of course).
    - FIXED:  AHI Prefs and ahi.device might have been overwritten by older versions.
    - FIXED:  Alternative position of Shell window looks better in FullHD mode now.
    - FIXED:  AMIcastPlayer filename is now compatible with its online updates.
    - FIXED:  BoxxTrilogy game launcher works again now.
    - FIXED:  CLICon moved from C: to SYS:System folder according to its manual.
    - FIXED:  Directory Opus memory leaks fixed.
    - FIXED:  DOpus now plays MIDI files with MIDIPlay.
    - FIXED:  iGame database fixed - all games should launch now.
    - FIXED:  Few catalog and documentation files were misplaced.
    - FIXED:  Few files didn't have all protection bits set.
    - FIXED:  MadTV game doesn't throw any GURUs on you anymore.
    - FIXED:  There's a bit more ChipMem available in DOpus now!
    - FIXED:  UnADF to RAM creates icons in correct places now.
    - REMOVED:  AmiModRadio (did not work)
    - REMOVED:  All akDatatypes. Feel free to purchase new ones from

    Special thanks to Dimitris Panokostas, Jakub Hajda, Philipp Lonke, Keith Matthews, Thomas Scheller and Artur Jarosik for beta-testing.

    AmiKit XE 11.2.0 (Feb 2020) - A FREE GAMING UPDATE

    Today's update brings a number of legendary games to your AmiKit! One of them is premiering on Amiga, actually. It's an action role-playing hack and slash game called Diablo (shareware). Yes, that's right! And you can play it in a window on your Workbench too!

    The same with Dune II - you can play it in a window thanks to OpenDUNE port which enhances the original version as well (note that you need the original games files).

    We've also included a DOS emulator called DOSBox with several shareware games pre-installed like Prince of Persia 1 & 2, Wolfenstein3D and SuperMario. Nice, right?

    If you have kids, they will love Elfie the Unicorn! We've also included a special easy peasy version for them :-)

    The update also contains a handful of important software updates and fixes too. Enjoy!

    - ADDED:  Diablo - DevilutionX 1.0.0 AMIKIT EXCLUSIVE Amiga RTG port (created by A.Jarosik, M.Beijer and S.Devulder) running a shareware version of the famous Blizzard Entertainment game (not included) on your Workbench screen! (AmiKit:Games/Diablo)
    - ADDED:  DOSBox 0.74 - Amiga RTG port of DOS emulator (created by NovaCoder) with few demo games included (SuperMario, Prince of Persia 1 and 2, Wolfenstein3D).
    - ADDED:  Dune II - OpenDUNE 0.9.012 Amiga RTG port (created by NovaCoder) running a full version of the famous Westwood Studios game (not included) on your Workbench screen! (AmiKit:Games/Dune2)
    - ADDED:  Elfie The Unicorn 1.3 by Twin Games Software. There's a special easy peasy version for your kid(s) too! (AmiKit:Games/Elfie)
    - ADDED:  New DualPNG game icons in AmiKit:Games drawer.

    - UPDATED:  ADiffView 1.2 by Uwe Rosner. It uses a code from M. Hertel.
    - UPDATED:  camd.library 37.14 (compatible with DOSBox and OpenDUNE) by Dannenberg, Dhellemmes, Barton, Taghavy, Scheppner, Joiner.
    - UPDATED:  UnRAR 5.80 by Alexander Roshal, Amiga port by Marcin Labenski.
    - UPDATED:  DOpus RAR filetype to work with new UnRAR.
    - UPDATED:  AmiStart menus now include recently added games (a backup is created first).
    - UPDATED:  AmiKit 11.2 Startup-Sequence (a backup is created first).
    - UPDATED:  AmiKit Quick Guide PDF.

    - FIXED:  If icon information didn't work in your AmigaOS 3.1.4, now it does! :) Sorry for the inconvenience.
    - FIXED:  If you couldn't drag windows out of your AmigaOS 3.1.4 screen, now you can! (restart emulation after update)
    - FIXED:  We're also removed icons for programs not included with AmigaOS 3.1.4 (IoTools, MeMacs, Mounter).
    - FIXED:  Automatic installation of newer Picasso96 2.4+ does not complain about "object not found" anymore.
    - FIXED:  Some Amiga file names with special characters were named incorrectly by UAE. We've corrected them.
    - FIXED:  Mounting ISO images with right-mouse button should work now.
    - FIXED:  MystiCube, the cubic drag'n'drop picture viewer, works again! (AmiKit:Utilities/MysticView/goodies/MystiCube)
    - FIXED:  Shell-Startup aliases are more compatible now (they do not replace system commands anymore).

    Special thanks to Artur Jarosik, Matthew Langtry, Jay C. Theriot, Keith Matthews, Vojin Vidanovic and Espen Skog for beta-testing.

    AmiKit XE 11.1.1 (Dec 2019) - A FREE MAINTENANCE UPDATE

    - ADDED:  More than 30 new DualPNG icons by James!
    - FIXED:    We forgot to set some protection bits for AmigaOS 3.1.4. Thanks to Thomas Scheller who discovered that.

    AmiKit XE 11.1 (Dec 2019) - A FREE FEATURE UPDATE

    - ADDED:  Various minor improvements, cleanups and fixes.
    - ADDED:  HollyMan - a Workbench Pacman clone by Andreas Falkenhahn (AmiKit:Games)
    - ADDED:  Hollywood Player 8.0 by Andreas Falkenhahn
    - ADDED:  IconEditor 2.0 by Paul E. Bloedel (AmiKit:Tools), EXCLUSIVE 68k port of OS4 version
    - ADDED:  ModExplorer 2.0 by Joerg Renkert (AmiKit:Utilities)
    - ADDED:  MUIMapparium 0.8 by ALB42 (AmiKit:Internet)
    - ADDED:  RapaGUI 1.2 Hollywood Plugin by Andreas Falkenhahn
    - ADDED:  SID 1.2 Hollywood Plugin by Andreas Falkenhahn

    - UPDATED:  AmiKit Live Update 1.8 by Daniel Westerberg from OnyxSoft.
    - UPDATED:  AmiKit MorpheuZ 11.1 by Jan Zahurancik
    - UPDATED:  AmiStart menu shows new software now. Original backup is in SYS:Utilities/EXPANSION/AmiStart/sm.prefs_bak1100
    - UPDATED:  Archives, if double-clicked in Directory Opus 5, are now opened in XADOpen module.
    - UPDATED:  AFNews 1.05 by Amiga Future & Meicky-Soft
    - UPDATED:  AmigaAMP 3.26 by Thomas Wenzel
    - UPDATED:  Deluxe Galaga WHDLoad slave 1.3 by JOTD & CFou
    - UPDATED:  IBrowse 2.5 DEMO by Stefan Burstrom and Omnipresence Intl.
    - UPDATED:  IconLib 46.4.520 by Peter Keunecke
    - UPDATED:  iGame 2.0b4 (19-Aug-2019, uses WBRun now) by Emmanuel Vasilakis and Dimitris Panokostas
    - UPDATED:  MCC_TextEditor 15.53 by Open Source Team
    - UPDATED:  MUI 5.0 (2019R3) by Stefan Stuntz, Thore Bockelmann and Jens Maus
    - UPDATED:  PolybiosPDF 1.2 Hollywood Plugin by Andreas Falkenhahn
    - UPDATED:  RiVA MPEG-1 Player 0.54 by Stephen Fellner & Henryk Richter
    - UPDATED:  RNOInfoScreen 1.7 by jPV^RNO
    - UPDATED:  RNOPDF 1.3 by jPV^RNO
    - UPDATED:  SnoopDos 3.9 by Eddy Carroll, updated by Thomas Richter
    - UPDATED:  SysInfo 4.3 by Tobias 'Geijer' Geijersson and Nic Wilson
    - UPDATED:  WHDLoad 18.6 (build 5958, 11.11.2019) by Bert Jahn et al.

    - FIXED:  AmiStart logo is now visible in Dark Mode.
    - FIXED:  'Don't notify me' option of AmiKit Live Update works properly now. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    - FIXED:  If you used AmigaOS XL to install AmiKit, newer version of RAWBInfo is now used to show icon information.

    Huge thanks to all supporters and beta-testers, especially Daniel Westerberg, Jay C. Theriot, Artur Jarosik, Keith Matthews, Jack Calk, Salome, Espen Skog and others.

    AmiKit XE 11.0 (May 2019) - A MAJOR MODERN RETRO UPGRADE

    This is the biggest update ever! We've made AmiKit even better.

    AmiKit XE is the 11th major upgrade to the well-known Amiga emulation package for Windows, Mac and Linux. AmiKit XE (v11) is a new and more advanced successor to AmiKit X (v10).


    There are 20 new features, 29 new programs & plugins, 6 new games, 4 new demos, and 22 software updates! See the extensive list below.

    We've also prepared a special portable version on a Bootable Crystal Flash Drive for YOU - the hardcore Amiga fan! :) Check our AmiKit website for more details. The offer is limited.

    Do you remember the good old blue Workbench 1.2 from 1986? Revive your childhood Amiga memories with our new Modern Retro theme preset!

    We have more flashbacks for you. Do you remember Barbarian or New Zealand Story? There are new remakes included! We're also bringing you the 'Lost Level' of the legendary Another World, as well as my favourite game, Mad TV - the strategy TV simulator game.

    There are also some exclusive games for you too! A shoot 'em up game called Kobo Deluxe and an adventure called Abandoned House.

    We've added many new features, programs and optimizations. For example, AmiKit XE now includes a new desktop pop-up notification system similar to the OS4 one. Or you can play supported games (or demos) in a Workbench window thanks 'Picture in Picture' (PIP) mode support and new emulation engine (WinUAE). And much more!

    AmiKit XE now includes over 420 Amiga programs and supports the new AmigaOS 3.1.4, new Amiga Forever 8 and new Picasso96 driver too!

    - AMIKIT:  Revive your childhood memories with the Modern Retro blue WB1.2 design (set as default, run MorpheuZ > Visual Themes to change it).
    - AMIKIT:  Switch between Modern Retro, Dark and X presets easily with our new MorpheuZ 11.0. We've added new entries to Startup Control and fixed some bugs too.
    - AMIKIT:  'Picture in Picture' (PIP) support allows you to play games like Genetic Species and others in a Workbench window! (WinUAE 4.2.0 or better is required)
    - AMIKIT:  Automatic Live Update 1.7 delivers all the future AmiKit XE updates to you for free! Programmed by Daniel Westerberg from OnyxSoft.
    - AMIKIT:  Now you can install AmiKit with the new AmigaOS 3.1.4 directly.
    - AMIKIT:  New Amiga Forever 8 is now fully supported as a source of your AmigaOS files.
    - AMIKIT:  New Picasso96 is now supported! Simply place the archive into the RabbitHole folder and it gets installed automagically.
    - AMIKIT:  New ROMFind 1.6.4 by Rex Schilasky now detects new ROMs 46.143 from AmigaOS 3.1.4 (included with full AmiKit installer only).
    - AMIKIT:  Optimized Startup-Sequence. Now there is only one to rule them all regardless of AmigaOS version. Also, AmiKit now displays enhanced info about Amiga alerts.
    - AMIKIT:  Automatically installs AmigaOS 3.1 update archives if found in RabbitHole folder.
    - AMIKIT:  New Retro, Dark and other wallpapers in HD Ready & FullHD by Viktor Soponyai from Amiga Spirit (AmiKit:Prefs/Presets/Backdrops)
    - AMIKIT:  No more hiding. AmiKit can be identified as an emulated system now. Enable ChangeExp in MorpheuZ > Startup if you want to hide it again.
    - AMIKIT:  Increased maximum file name length to 107 characters. KingCON stack size increased to 16384 bytes.
    - AMIKIT:  Added new right-click actions for sound, picture, PDF and Amiga executable file types (Directory Opus).
    - AMIKIT:  Added more entries to "Open With" and "Copy To" right-click file menu of Directory Opus.
    - AMIKIT:  Enhanced Shell Aliases. Now you can use commands like Read, Watch, Show, Play, Open, etc. For example, Pack command compress any given file/dir using the best possible XPK compression.
    - AMIKIT:  Create a new file in the given path or compare two files easily. Simply use the DOpus drop down menu (the "down arrow" icon).
    - AMIKIT:  AmiKitReset command 1.3 now resets AmiKit Startup, WBStartup, Patches, MUI and Screenmode to their defaults.
    - AMIKIT:  New WinUAE 4.2.0 by Toni Wilen - included with full AmiKit installer only, otherwise refer to AmiKit Quick Guide
    - AMIKIT:  Improved install process for Macbooks with 1280x800 resolution - default startup picture, LimpidClock and GlobalTrash configs are included for such a resolution.
    - AMIKIT:  New Wine 4.7 for macOS - included with full AmiKit installer only, otherwise refer to AmiKit Quick Guide
    - AMIKIT:  New installer for macOS now includes the latest Win10 Wine bottle.
    - AMIKIT:  Improved Linux install script by George Sokianos
    - AMIKIT:  Updated WinUAE configs. Also CPU speed set to 70% to save power and laptop battery (only in full AmiKit installer).
    - AMIKIT:  Updated WinUAEHelp 3.0 by G.Veichtlbauer, P.Hutchison and B.Roesch
    - AMIKIT:  Updated
    AmiKit Quick Guide and Installed Software (over 420 now!).
    - AMIKIT:  New startup sound and many other enhancements and fixes here and there.


    - ADDED:  Abandoned House 1.0 AMIKIT EXCLUSIVE adventure game by Anbjorn Myren
    - ADDED:  Another World: 'The Lost Level' 1.1 by Eric Chahi, brought to Amiga by Erik Hogan (AmiKit:Games)
    - ADDED:  Barbarian Plus: A Remake of Barbarian - The Ultimate Warrior by C.Vella, Ch.Romagnoli and S.Bernacchia (AmiKit:Games)
    - ADDED:  Kiwi's Tale brought to Amiga by Erik Hogan (AmiKit:Games)
    - ADDED:  Kobo Deluxe 0.5.1 AMIKIT EXCLUSIVE port by Artur Jarosik
    - ADDED:  Mad TV by Rainbow Arts. Amazing TV simulator game from 1991! Now freeware. (AmiKit:Games)
    - UPDATED:  iGame 2.0 (15-1-2019) by Emmanuel Vasilakis and Dimitris Panokostas
    - UPDATED:  New iGames database including screenshots


    - ADDED:  14Bit Calibration by Christian Buchner (AmiKit:Prefs)
    - ADDED:  ADiffView 1.0.1 by Uwe Rosner
    - ADDED:  AMICast Player 1.3 by Krzysztof Radzikowski (AmiKit:Utilities)
    - ADDED:  AVCodec 1.4 Hollywood Plugin by Andreas Falkenhahn
    - ADDED:  BreakName 37.2 by Kai Iske
    - ADDED:  Devices 1.21 by Thomas Richter. Tiny tool to get all infos about DOS devices. (AmiKit:C)
    - ADDED:  DizzyTorrent 2.20 by David Zvekic. Amiga BitTorrent client with MUI + AREXX. (AmiKit:Internet)
    - ADDED:  Exemine 1.0 by Martin Mares. Display hunk structure of executable. Also integrated with DOpus right-mouse click.
    - ADDED:  Filesize 40.1 by Roger Hågensen to check size of any file (AmiKit:C)
    - ADDED:  HTTPStreamer 1.1 Holywood plugin by Andreas Falkenhahn
    - ADDED:  hURL 1.0 Hollywood Plugin by Andreas Falkenhahn
    - ADDED:  MUI Royale 1.7 Holywood plugin by Andreas Falkenhahn
    - ADDED:  NewAlertHook ROM module 40.3 by Martin Mares. Displays enahanced info about Amiga alerts!
    - ADDED:  Polybios PDF 1.0a Holywood plugin by Andreas Falkenhahn
    - ADDED:  Professional File System III (PFS3 All-In-One) 3.1 by Toni Wilen (AmiKit:L)
    - ADDED:  Raffeli 1.0 by jPV^RNO. A program for raffle things :) (AmiKit:Utilities)
    - ADDED:  Ranchero 1.0 by Rob Cranley. Pop-up notification server like Ringhio.
    - ADDED:  RtgMaster 42.0 by Steffen P. Häuser. A graphics system for games and demos with high-speed GFX board support.
    - ADDED:  RtgPIP 42.0 sublibrary by Steffen P. Häuser. Adds 'Picture in Picture' support.
    - ADDED:  RNOPDF 1.2 by jPV^RNO. Compact PDF viewer. Also integrated with DOpus right-mouse click.
    - ADDED:  SetMap 45.2 by Thomas Richter. Set keymap of console window. (AmiKit:C)
    - ADDED:  SCSIQuery 1.34 by Thomas Richter. Prints internal infos of SCSI devices. (AmiKit:C)
    - ADDED:  SSLib 5.105 by Martin Mares (AmiKit:Libs)
    - ADDED:  EXCLUSIVE Truecolor FFT-Analyzer 0.88 for Eagleplayer by Henryk Richter
    - ADDED:  TrueMultiAssigns 1.10 by Thomas Richter. Enhances pattern matching calls of AmigaDOS.
    - ADDED:  Wait command replacement by Gerd Wieczorek (AmiKit:C)
    - ADDED:  wm123 1.1 by Lorence Lombardo
    - ADDED:  XAD 1.0 Hollywood Plugin by Andreas Falkenhahn
    - ADDED:  ZIP 1.1 Hollywood Plugin by Andreas Falkenhahn


    - ADDED:  Odyssey by Alcatraz. Probably one of the longest demo ever! (AmiKit:Demos)
    - ADDED:  My Lucky Number by Loonies. (AmiKit:Demos)
    - ADDED:  State of the Art by Spaceballs. The legendary Amiga demo from 1992! (AmiKit:Demos)
    - ADDED:  The Fall by The Dealiners & Lemon. The best Amiga demo of 2018! (AmiKit:Demos)


    - UPDATED:  AFnews 1.04 by Amiga Future
    - UPDATED:  AHI Paula Driver 4.33 by M.Blom, C.Buchner, H.Richter
    - UPDATED:  AmigaAMP 3.23 by T.Wenzel
    - UPDATED:  AmiSSL 4.3 by AmiSSL Open Soure Team
    - UPDATED:  Boards Library 3.42 by Torsten Bach, Thomas Barth and Marcus Gerards
    - UPDATED:  CPointer 2.3 by Allan Versaevel
    - UPDATED:  IconLib 46.4.513 by Peter Keunecke
    - UPDATED:  MCC_BetterString 11.33 Open Source Team
    - UPDATED:  MCC_NList 0.125 by Open Source Team
    - UPDATED:  MCC_TextEditor 15.52 by Open Source Team
    - UPDATED:  MemOptimizer 4.200 by RhoSigma, Roland Heyder
    - UPDATED:  MUI 5.0 (2019R1) by Stefan Stuntz, Thore Bockelman and Jens Maus
    - UPDATED:  MUIbase 4.1 by Steffen Gutmann
    - UPDATED:  NetSurf 3.8 (7-Nov-2018) by Artur Jarosik
    - UPDATED:  Opus Audio Tools 0.2 (also in playOGG folder) by Gregory Maxwell and the team
    - UPDATED:  SimpleMail 0.45 by Hynek Schlawack and Sebastian Bauer
    - UPDATED:  twittAmiga 4.3 by Oliver Urbann
    - UPDATED:  Wet 6.7 by Chris Young
    - UPDATED:  WHDLoad 18.5 (build 5948) by Bert Jahn et al.

    Huge thanks to everyone who helped us including beta-testers Mikhail Malyshev, Artur Jarosik, Dimitris Panokostas, Anbjorn Myren, Keith Matthews, Merrill Newell, George Sokianos, jPV^RNO, Krzysztof Radzikowski, Fehmi Yucer and others. Your support is greatly appreciated!

    (older AmiKit X changelog)