NOTE: this list hasn't been updated for some time. Please check the CHANGELOGS for the latest versions included.

14Bit Calibration by Christian Buchner
32-bit PNG image BOOPSI class 1.7 by Fredrik Wikstrom
ADiffView 1.0.1 by Uwe Rosner
*AfA_OS 4.8 EXCLUSIVE by Bernd Roesch and Thomas Klein
*AFNews 1.05 by Amiga Future
**AHI 4.18 by Martin Blom + AHI Paula Driver 4.33 by M.Blom, C.Buchner, H.Richter
*AHI 6.0 + AHI.device 6.7 beta by Martin Blom + AHI Paula Driver 4.33 by M.Blom, C.Buchner, H.Richter
AiffDT41 41.5 by Stephan Rupprecht
AKCC 6.8 by Andreas R.Kleinert
AMICast Player 1.3 by Krzysztof Radzikowski
Amiga Image Storage System (AISS) 4.20 by Martin Merz
Amarquee 54.0 by Håkan Parting and Jeremy Friesner
AmiCDFS 2.40 (used for installation procedure only!) by Martin Berndt
AmiComSys 2.4 by Håkan Parting
AmiComSysMI by Martin Merz
AmigaAmp 3.28 + External68k engine by Thomas Wenzel
AmigaAmp-Prefs 1.25 by Daniel Westerberg
*AmigAIM 0.9455 by Richard H.Poser II
Amiga Cloud Handlers 0.9 by Norbert Kett
AmigaJournal 0.9716 by Richard H.Poser II
AmiGift 2.1 by Diego Casorran
AmiNetRadio 4 + ANR_kickass skin by ANR team at
AmIRC 3.6.2 - full version by Oliver Wagner, Jamie van den Berge and VaporWare
AmiRus 4.0
*AmiSSL 1.1 by Andrija Antonijevic
*AmiSSL 2.2 by Stefan Burstrom
AmiSSL 4.6 by AmiSSL Open Source Team
*AmiStart 0.70 EXCLUSIVE by Darius Brewka
+AmiStartMI by Martin Merz
+cat_iconset by Damir 'd980' Sijakovic
+FreeIcons by Tomasz Mielnik
+munkii iconset by Damir 'd980' Sijakovic
+VirgolaIcons by Mario Locati
AmiTradeCenter 1.4 + catalogs by Matthias Böcker
AMPlifier 2.35 by Thorsten Hansen
*amrss 5.57 by Alfonso (alforan) Ranieri
antiword 0.37b by Adri von Os, ported by Raffaele Pisapia
Apdf 2.2 by Derek B. Noonburg, Emmanuel Lesueur
AppAssign 3.1 by Emmanuel Doguet
ASp0.89b by Ian Greenway
asyncioppc Library 40.6 by Achim Stegemann
AWeb v2011, originally by Yvon Rozijn
+buttons by K.Lester, Mason and ElAmigos
BenchTrash 1.76 by Thomas Richter
***BDSlide 2.5 by Thomas Rapp
BGUI 41.11 by BGUI Developers Team
Birdie2000, Birdie 1.5 by Tronan
BMPdt 40.16 by Gunther Nikl
BoardsLib Library 3.42 by Torsten Bach, Thomas Barth and Marcus Gerards
*BoingBall 1.1 by Marcin 'MistreQ' Kielesinski
BreakMan 1.10 by Krzysztof Cmok
BreakName 37.2 by Kai Iske
bzip2 1.0.6 by Source, compiled by Lorence Lombardo
Camd Library 37.14 by Dannenberg, Dhellemmes, Barton, Taghavy, Scheppner, Joiner
Camd Library 40.5 by Kjetil S. Matheussen
CDDA-FileSystem 1.1 by Uwe Ryssel
cddbfreedb 44.999 by Marcus Comstedt
ChangeExp 1.03 by Holger Hippenstiel
ChaosPro 3.3.3 by Martin Pfingstl
CheckX 1.94 by Dirk Stoecker
ClassAct 3.3 by Ch.Aldi, T.Aston, O.Ahvenlampi and P.Nilsen (installed only if AmigaOS3.1 is detected)
CLICon 3.07.1 by Thomas Richter
ClipHistory 2.4 by Magnus Holmgren + patch by M. Calusinski
*ClockSync 0.1 by Mikhail Malyshev
CLS 1.00 by Imdad Shah
CManager 34.2 by Simone Telline and Alfonso Ranieri
CodeAudio 3.13 by Daniel Westerberg
Codesets Library 6.21 by Alfonso Ranieri and codesets.library Open Source Team
CondenseIcon 44.5 by Stephan Rupprecht
CopyIcon 44.4 by Stephan Rupprecht
CopyReplace 1.18 (used for installation procedure only!) by DirkStoecker
CPointer 2.3 by Allan Versaevel
Daywatch 1.2 by Allan Odgaard
Devices 1.21 by Thomas Richter
DigiConverter 1.4 by Daniel Westerberg
Directory Opus 4.16JRbin + DirectoryOpus 4.17 pre21
Directory Opus 5 Magellan II 5.82 (FULL VERSION. License granted by GPSoftware)
+Complete PDF manuals by Mikhail Malyshev
+OpusNIBar 7 by Kim Lemon
+CutNPaste 3.4 by Keith Halstead
+ArcDir_XAD 2.1 by Rene Wunderlich
+XADopus 1.2 by Mladen Milinkovic
+OpusMI 7 by Martin Merz
+CycleMode 0.4 by Dave Clarke
+CloseLister 0.1 by Dave Clarke
+PopDevice 0.1 by Dave Clarke
+RootParent 1.5 by Dave Clarke
+XPKdc 1.01 by Fabien Conus
+DopusShell 1.1
+compare.module by Leo 'Nudel' Davidson
+SlctComp by Brian Scott
Disk Masher Utility (DMS) 1.53 PRO by SDS Software
DizzyTorrent 2.20 by David Zvekic
DOSBox 0.74.018 Amiga RTG port by NovaCoder
DualPNG icons by Ken Lester and James
Eagleplayer 2.06 (including free keyfile) by Jan Blumenthal and Henryk Richter + few modules
+Truecolor FFT-Analyzer 0.88 EXCLUSIVE
EasyACDDA 1.9 byAlessandro Marinuzzi
EvenMore 0.92 by Chris Perver
Exemine 1.0 by Martin Mares
FastAssign 3.06b by Rafal 'Rafik' Konkolewski
FileX 2.7 by Klaas Hermanns
FFmpeg + FFplay git-7df9937 29-Jan-2012 by Michael Niedermayer, Amiga 68K port by Piotr Bandurski
Filesize 40.1 by Roger Hågensen
flac 1.3.3 by Xiph.Org Foundation
FlashPlayer 1.6 + FlashPlayer Plugin 1.61 for Ibrowse by Mike Steed
Flick 1.5 by Peter McGavin
Fonts from
+**Topaz6.font from ViNCEd archive by Thomas Richter
FreeDB 13.8 by Alfonso Ranieri
FreeWheel 2.2.2 by Alastair M. Robinson
FroggerNG 2.07 + codecs68k + non-english docs. Main program by Sebastian Jedruskiewicz
FroGGui 0.3 by Breed
FryingPan 1.3.2 - full version by Tomasz Wiszkowski
FullPalette 40.23 EXCLUSIVE by Massimo Tantignone
getVideo 0.32 by Juergen Lucas
GfxCon 1.8c by Dirk Farin
Matrix 1.9 by Olivier Fabre
GlobalTrash 1.5a1 EXCLUSIVE by Oliver Blumert
**GMPlay 1.3 by Christian Buchner
**GMPlayMUI 1.2 by Charlie/Stipey
**GMTones 1&2by Martin Caspersson
gtlayout (GadTools layout toolkit) 47.1 by Olaf Barthel
GuardAmy 1.2 by Diego 'dx0' de Felice
guigfxlib 20.0 by Timm S. Müller
gzip 1.2.4 by Jean-loup Gailly
Heddley 1.1 by Edd Dumbill
Help 45.2 by Roger Hågensen
HippoPlayer 1.45 + free keyfile by Kari-Pekka Koljonen
+ + BlurScope by QXY
HivelyTracker 1.6 by Peter Gordon, 68k port by BuZz/IRIS
Hollywood Player 8.0 by Andreas Falkenhahn
Hollywood plugins by Andreas Falkenhahn: AVCodec 1.4, HTTPStreamer 1.1, hURL 1.0, MUI Royale 1.7, Polybios PDF 1.2, RapaGUI 1.2, SID 1.2, XAD 1.0, XMP 1.0, ZIP 1.1
HomeBank 3.2 beta 1 by Maxime Doyen
IBrowse 2.5.3 DEMO by Stefan Burstrom and Omnipresence Intl.
FlashPlayerPlugin 1.5 by Mike Steed
IconDT 44.3 by Stephan Rupprecht
IconEditor 2.0 EXCLUSIVE by Paul E. Bloedel
***IconLib 46.4.533 by Peter Keunecke (68020 TC version)
Identify Library 37.1 by Richard Körber and Thore Böckelmann
iGame 2.0b8 (8-Oct-2020) by Emmanuel Vasilakis and Contributors
ilbmdt44 44.26 by Stephan Rupprecht
Infinite Module Player 1.05 by Pawel Nowak
Info 39.18b by Stephan Rupprecht
IsoMount 1.24 by megacz
ixemul Library 48.3-3 GPL by many! Most recently by megacz
ixemul 63.1 GPL (default) by many, most recently by Bernd Roesch
Jabberwocky 1.9b1 – Open source Jabber client
JFIFdt44 44.13 by Henryk Richter and Gunther Nikl
JoinSplitter 1.4 by Deniil 715
jp2a 1.0.6a
InfoText 15.3 by Christian Stigen Larsen, Amiga 68k port by Piotr Bandurski
jpeglibrary 6.2a by Paul Huxham
Ken's browser navigation buttons 1.8 by Kenneth E. Lester
KingCON 1.3 by David Larsson + patch 1.8 by M. Calusinski EXCLUSIVE
LAME 3.100 (11-Nov-2017) originally by Mike Cheng, now maintained by Mark Taylor and the LAME team
Layers Library 45.27 by Thomas Richter
LhA 2.15 originally by Stefan Boberg, Jim Cooper, David Tritscher, currently maintained by Sven Ottemann
LhASfx 1.2 by Stefan Boberg
***LimpidClock 1.18 beta by Thomas Rapp
LoadModule 45.16 by Thomas Richter and Etienne Vogt
LocaleCS web fonts winEE
Lupe 1.1 beta by Frank Toepper
LZX 1.21 + free keyfile by Jonathan Forbes
MagicASL 40.7.m1 by Flavio Stanchina
MagicMenu 2.35p by Martin Korndoerfer, Olaf “Olsen” Barthel, currently maintained by Jens “Damato” Langner and Stephan Rupprecht, artwork by Mario “Padrino” Cattaneo
MakeCD 3.2d + public beta 12 + free license originally by Patrick Ohly and Angela Schmidt
MUIMapparium 0.8 by ALB42
MathLibsUAE 45.881 r14 by Peter Keunecke
MaudDT41 41.3 by Stephan Rupprecht
Master Control Program (MCP) 1.49c EXCLUSIVE by Dieter Groppe
MemOptimizer 4.200 by RhoSigma, Roland Heyder
MemTrailer 1.10 by Peter Keunecke
Meridian 3.11 by Guido Mersmann
microgolded 8 SP 10 (ged-os4-english) by Dietmar Eilert
**MIDIFiles 1.0 by Le Gac Stephan
*MidiPlay 2.65b by Janne Syväniemi
mkisofs 2.0 by JC Pearson, ported by LouiSe
MMKeyboard 4.11 by Guido Mersmann
mod2wav 20180625 by Martin Cameron
ModExplorer 3.1 by Joerg Renkert
*Mount 50.9 by Peter Gordon (used for installation procedure only)
**Mpega Library 2.4 by Stephane Tavenard
*Mpega_Libmad Library 7th release by Sigbjørn Skjæret
***mpegadt 20.5 by Thomas Rapp
MUI 3.8 and MUI 5.0 (2020R1) by Stefan Stuntz (INCLUDING KEYFILE with his kind permission), Thore Böckelman and Jens Maus
+BetterString 11.34 by Allan Odgaard, Ilkka Lehtoranta, Jens Maus and Thore Böckelman
+Busy 2.4 by Klaus Melchior
+BWin 22.0 by Alfonso Ranieri
+Calendar 18.3 by Alfonso Ranieri
+CoolMUI by Richard Kapp
+Crawling 0.2 by Klaus Melchior
+GifAnim 19.5 by Alfonso Ranieri
+GuiGfx 19.2 by Matthias Bethke
+HotkeyString 12.1 Ilkka Lehtoranta
+HTMLtext 14.8 by Dirk Holtwick
+Icon4OS35 1.2 by Stephan Rupprecht
+images wcp, danm, popxxx
+InfoText 15.3 by Benny Kjær Nielsen
+Lamp 11.2 by Maik 'BliZZer' Schreiber
+ListTree 1.0 by Klaus 'kMel' Melchior
+lowlevel.library securityfix
+MailText 3.1 by Olaf Peters
+MiniMailer 22.0 by Alfonso Ranieri
+MUIWheelPatch 1.4 by Alessandro Zummo
+MysticView 13.1 by Steve Quartly
+NewString.mcc 16.18 beta Copyright 1995-1996 Rüdiger Sopp, fixes Copyright 2004-2005 Mikolaj Calusinski
+NList 0.126, 1996-2001 by Gilles Masson (NList.mcc), 1999-2001 by Carsten Scholling (NListtree.mcc), 2006 by Daniel Allsopp (NBitmap.mcc), 2001-2014 NList Open Source Team
+PopPlaceholder 15.5 by Marcin Orlowski
+Popxxx (Pophotkey, Popport, Popposition) by Klaus 'kmel' Melchior
+SpeedBar 19.4, originally by Simone Tellini, now Alfonso Ranieri
+TearOff 13.5 by Szymon Ulatowski
+TextEditor 15.54, originally by Allan Odgaard, since 2005 TextEditor.mcc OpenSource Team
+TextInput 29.5 originally by Oliver Wagner, now TextInput Open Source Team
+TheBar 26.20 originally by Alfonso Ranieri, now TheBar Open Source Team
+Toolbar 15.12 by Benny Kjær Nielsen
+UrlText 19.7 by Alfonso Ranieri
+others (installed by other applications)
MUIUnArc 45.14 by Jocke Sjöblom
MUIbase 4.2 by Steffen Gutmann
MultiRen 1.71 by Daniel Westerberg
MysticView 1.07 by Timm S. Müller
NetSurf 3.10 (24-June-2020) by Artur Jarosik. Theme by Ken Lester.
NewAlertHook 40.3 by Martin Mares
NewsCoaster 1.61 originally by Mark Harman, now also Pavel Fedin, Sallin Nicolas, Stephen Burgoyne Coulson
+NCoasterMI by Martin 'Mason' Merz
OpenSSL 1.0.0a by Carsten Larsen and OpenSSL Development Team
OpenTriton 6.115 by Stefan Zeiger
OpenURL 7.18 by Troels Walsted Hansen, et al. (1998-2005), then by OpenURL Open Source Team
Opus Audio Tools 0.2 (libopus v1.3.1) by Gregory Maxwell and the
p7zip 9.13 by Igor Pavlov
Play16 1.10 by Thomas Wenzel
PBM DataType 44.5 by Gunther Nikl
PerfectPaint 2.93 FIX by Georges Halvadjian
Picasso96 by Tobias Abt and Alexander Kneer (not included but downloaded during installation). Buy a new P96 from iComp!
***PicShow 1.31 (31.464), ***Thumb 7.253 by Thomas Rapp
playOGG 140508 by Lorence Lombardo
PlaySID Library 1.2 by Per Håkan Sundell and Ron Birk
PNGdt 44.6 by Gunther Nikl
PNGTool 1.4 by Stephan Rupprecht
PopupMenu Library 10.8.6 by Henrik Isaksson
PosTED 1.9 by Thilo Koehler
**prism2v2 2.7 by Neil Cafferkey
Professional File System III (PFS3 All-In-One) 3.1 by Toni Wilen
PTPlayLibrary 2.6 by R. Hof, T. S. Mueller, P. Johansson, I. Lehtoranta
Q-Device 0.6 by Ian Chapman
QuickSketch 1.03 by Daniel Westerberg
R 3.11 by Guido Mersmann
Raffeli 1.0 by jPV^RNO
RamDel by Rui 'gRiM' Carvalho
Ranchero by 1.0 by Rob Cranley
Redit 2.0 by Kai Scherrer
RDesktop 1.31 by Matthew Chapman et al, Martin Blom
Reboot 39.2
renderlib 32.0 by Timm S. Müller
ReqAttack 2.0 by Georg Steger, Jacek Piszczek and Marcin Kurek
+ReqMI by Martin Merz
+BAMReqAttack by Boris Mattler
+Lightning ReqAttack by Lightning
ReqCh 40.3 (used for installation procedure only)
ReqChange 3.15 + EXCLUSIVE keyfile by Magnus Holmgren
ReqToolsLib 39.3 rev2 by Nico Francois, Magnus Holmgren, AROS Team
**RequestList 1.1 by Adam Dawes
**RequestString 1.1 by Adam Dawes
RiVA 0.54 (V2) / 0.55a (V4SA/WinUAE) by Stephen Fellner and Henryk Richter
**RivaGUI 1.2 by Gabor Nagy
RNOInfoScreen 1.7 by jPV^RNO
**Roadshow 1.14 DEMO by APC&TCP
Russian language driver 45.2
RtgMaster 42.0 by Steffen P. Häuser
RtgPIP 42.0 by Steffen P. Häuser
**SAGA (Super AGA) drivers 2.4.3 for Vampire by Apollo
+ fat95 3.18 by Torsten Jager
+ GiggleDisk 1.19 by Guido Mersmann
+ i2c.library 40.0 by Wilhelm Noeker
+ sagasd.device 0.9 (16-May-2016)
+ sdnet.device 2.7 (7-Feb-2020)
+ v2expeth.device 2.7 (7-Feb-2020)
+ v4net.device 2.6 (7-Feb-2020)
+ vampiregfx.card 1.30 for V2 Gold2.12 or V4 7383 core (17-Apr-2020) by Apollo
+ vampiregfx.card 1.32 for V4 R3 core (08-Oct-2020) by Apollo (Located in LIBS:Picasso96/bak drawer. Enable it manually if you have V4 7649 core)
+ VampireMap 1.9 (16-Aug-2020) by Henryk Richter
+ VampireTools by Apollo
+ VControl 1.17 (21-Jul-2020) written and maintained by Philippe Carpentier
Safe 1.8 by Zbigniew Trzcionkowski
Samplemanager 1.6 by Thilo Köhler
SetMap 45.2 by Thomas Richter
Scalos 1.9 (41.8) + Scalos theme by the Scalos Developers – now OpenSource under BSD, GPL2 and LGPL2 licenses
ScreenNotify10 1.2 by Stefan Becker
***ScreenText 1.4 by Thomas Rapp
SCSIQuery 1.34 by Thomas Richter
ScummVM RTG (windowed) by NovaCoder and RTG 2.1.2 (fullscreen) by Artur Jarosik
**SCSIQuicker 1.0 by Renee Cousins
**SetClockI2C 2.9 by Stefano Ruviero
**SetDST 1.9 by Stefan Falke
SGrab 1.23 by Stephan Rupprecht
*ShowAmiga96 2.3d EXCLUSIVE by Heiko Müller
ShowPatches 0.101 beta
SimpleCat 3.25 by Guido Mersmann
SimpleFind3 1.2 by Sebastian Bauer
SimpleMail 0.45 by Hynek Schlawack and Sebastian Bauer
**SCSI4345p 43.45 by Chris Hodges, Toni Wilen and Christian Sauer
skick 3.45 (RTB/PAT files only) by Pavel Troller, maintained by Jean-François Fabre since 3.44
SmartFileSystem 1.280 originally by John Hendrikx maintained by Jörg Strohmayer
**SMBFS 2.22 by Olaf Barthel
**SMBFSMounter 1.5 by Rob Cranley
Snapper 1.0 by ToneMaster
sndfile 1.22 by CISC
SnoopDos 3.9 originally by Eddy Carroll, new updates by Oliver Roberts and Thomas Richter
**SNTP 1.5 by Patrik Axelsson
SongPlayer 1.62 (Amithlon version) originally by Stephane Tavenard now developed by the SongPlayer Dev Team, Mathias Parnaudeau and Nicolas Det
sox 14.3.1 SoX is currently maintained by Chris Bagwell, Rob Sykes and Pascal Giard
SRename 3.10 by Constantinos Nicolakakis
SSLib 5.105 by Martin Mares
StackAttack 2.9 by Robin Cloutman (SA1 by Georg Steger)
StarAMPlan 2.31 (68881+) by Thorsten Passow
STFax 4.5, now Freeware, by Simone Tellini
StormMesa2010 2.5 beta libraries GPL by Sam Jordan and others
SunAUdt 41.1 by Stephan Rupprecht
SWFPlayer 1.4b6 by Alexandre Balaban
Symphonie Player Pro 3.3d + few modules by Patrick Meng
SysInfo 4.3 by by Tobias 'Geijer' Geijersson and Nic Wilson
SysInspector 1.4 by Eric Savageau
TagLiFE 1.4 by Peter Keunecke
tgz 1.2 by Finn Jacobs
TitleShadow 1.0 by Peter Gordon
TKPlayer 2.1 by Thilo Koehler
TLSFMem 1.6 by Chris Hodges
**ToolsDaemon 2.1 by Nico Francois
**ToolsDaemon 2.2 patch by Mikolaj Calusinski
**ToolsDaemon TDPrefs2 Editor by Steven Pearson
Touch 1.3 by Kai Iske
***TrackSaver (TSgui) 2.2 by Thomas Rapp
Trap 44.5 by Massimo Tantignone
Tree 1.791 beta by Frank Brandis
TrueMultiAssigns 1.10 by Thomas Richter
TTEngine 7.2 + few TT fonts by Krashan
TuiTED 2.7b by Thilo Koehler
twittAmiga 4.3 by Oliver Urbann
*uaectrl (from WinUAE package by Toni Wilen)
*UAEquit (from WinUAE package by Toni Wilen)
*UAETools 1.7 by Holger Hippenstiel
UnADF 1.2 by Andrew Bell
UnARJ 2.41 - 68k 1.04 originally by Robert K. Jung, also Mark Adler, Andreas R. Kleinert and Ronny Schulz
UnRAR 5.90 by Alexander Roshal, Amiga port by Marcin Labenski
untgz 1.5 by Oliver Wagner
UnZip 5.50 by Paul Kienitz
**Ver 40.5 by Joerg Riemer
VersionWB 2.16 by Håkan Parting
VirtualCD by Michael Lanser
VirusChecker II 2.5 (Brain 3.0) + free keyfile by Alex van Niel
VisualPrefs 1.5k by Massimo Tantignone + few visual themes by others
Voodoo-X 1.5 by Andrew Bell
+VooDooMI by Martin 'Mason' Merz
VorbisTools 1.4.0 by Michael Smith and the Xiph.Org Foundation
Wait by Gerd Wieczorek
Wait-Gui 3.0 by Dirk Tietke
WallGet 1.0 by Marcin 'Marcik' Kwiatkowski
Warp3D 4.2a by the Warp3D Team
WavDT41 41.1 by Stephan Rupprecht
Wazp3D beta 56 by Alain Thellier
WBCtrl 1.7 by Stephan Rupprecht
**WBCutnPaste 1.1 by Rob Cranley
WBStart Library 2.2 by Stefan Becker
WBStartup+Prefs 3.0 by Pavel Fedin (original author John Hughes)
Wet 6.7 by Chris Young
wget 1.12r2 GPL by Hrvoje Niksic
WHDLoad 18.6 (build 6030, 18.5.2020) by Bert Jahn et al.
winlaunch 1.1 by Mark Harman
*winuaeclip by Bernd Roesch
*winuaevidrec 1.1 by Bernd Roesch
wm123 1.1 by Lorence Lombardo
wma123 v20081116 by Hironao Komatsu, ported to Amiga by P. Bandurski
WookieChat 2.12 beta 13 by James Carroll
XAD 12.1a + free keyfile by Dirk Stoecker
+xad_7z 2.8 by Chris Young, Igor Pavlov, Dag Ågren
+xad_RAR 2.5 by Chris Young, Stephan Matzke, Shay Green, Alexander L.Roshal
XFD 1.38 by Georg Hoermann and Dirk Stoecker
*xml2 Library 4.2 by Diego Casorran, based on libxml2 by Daniel Veillard
**xml2.library 4.0 (040FPU little) by Diego Casorran
xPackBest 1.4 by Bert Jahn
XPKMaster 5.2a by Dirk Stoecker, Christian von Roques, Urban Dominick Müller and Bryan Ford
+xpkBZP2 1.7 by Oliver Roberts
+xpkGZIP 1.2 by Gunther Nikl (originally by Antonio Schifano)
XPKatana 1.8 by Victor Ducedre
xvslibrary 33.42 by Georg Hörmann
YAM 2.9p1 by YAM Open Source Team
ZGifDatatype 39.18 by Michael Zucchi
Zip 2.3 + Zcr 2.2 by Mark Adler, Richard B. Wales, Jean-Loup Gailly, Onnovan der Linden, Kai Uwe Rommel, Igor Mandrichenko and John Bush
zlib-library 3.2 by Achim Stegemann
ZoneXplorer 1.2 by Elena Novaretti

Extra Patches installed by MorpheuZ/Dracula on top of AmigaOS 3.9 with both BoingBag 1 and 2:
Amigaguide.datatype 45.6 by MM
Console.device 44.10 by MM
FastFileSystem 45.16 by Etienne Vogt
MultiView 45.10 by Mikolaj Calusinski
RAM-Handler 44.24 by Thomas Richter and Doobrey
Rexxsyslib.library 44.2 by Mikolaj Calusinski
Shell 45.39 by Thomas Richter
Workbench.library 45.132 by Mikolaj Calusinski and Peter Keunecke

AmiKit apps
Live Update 1.8 by Daniel Westerberg from OnyxSoft
**Dracula 11.4.2 by Jan Zahurancik
*MorpheuZ 11.4.2 by Jan Zahurancik
*AmiKit.exe 10.0 by Rex Schilasky
*RomFind.exe 1.6.4 by Rex Schilasky
AmiKitReset 11.3 by Jan Zahurancik
IconInfo Selector 1.0 by Amyren

Abandoned House 1.0 EXCLUSIVE adventure game by Anbjorn Myren
Amijeweled 1.4 DEMO (special version) by Insane Software
Another World by Eric Chahi, full game included with his kind permission
Another World - The Lost Level 1.1 by Eric Chahi, brought to Amiga by E.Hogan (WHDLoad slave 2.4 by Harry & JOTD)
ArTKanoid 3.0 by Thilo Koehler
Barbarian Plus by C.Vella, Ch.Romagnoli and S.Bernacchia
Beneath a Steel Sky, Full Freeware Floppy Version by Revolution Softwareand Virgin Interactive
Boxx Trilogy by Lemming880
Deluxe Galaga 2.6c AGA Registered version by EMV Software (WHDLoad slave 1.3 by JOTD & CFou)
Deluxe Pacman 1.7 AGA Registered version by EMV Software (WHDLoad slave 1.0 by CFou)
DevilutionX 0.4.0 - EXCLUSIVE Amiga RTG port (22-Feb-2020) by Artur Jarosik, Marlon Beijer and Samuel Devulder running a shareware version of Diablo game.
dynAMIte 2.4 by AmigaZeux
Elfie The Unicorn 1.3 by Twin Games Software
Flight of the Amazon Queen, Full Freeware Floppy Version by Interactive Binary Illusions and Renegade Software
*Freeciv 1.14 (Amiga 1.18) by Sebastian Bauer / Freeciv Development Team
HollyMan by Andreas Falkenhahn
Hydra Castle Labyrinth port by Artur Jarosik
Kiwi's Tale brought to Amiga by E.Hogan
Kobo Deluxe 0.5.1 EXCLUSIVE port by Artur Jarosik
Mad TV freeware by Rainbow Arts (WHDLoad slave 1.2 by C-Fou!)
MiniSlug (10-05-2020) Mini Metal Slug game project ported to Amiga by Artur Jarosik
Magic Numbers 1.4 by Magic Software
OpenDune - Amiga RTG port 0.9.014 by NovaCoder
OpenTyrian EXCLUSIVE port (by Artur Jarosik) of the freeware DOS game Tyrian by Eclipse Software
*Payback DEMO by Apex Designs
Renegades Deluxe 2014 by Wayne Ashworth and Kevin Darbyshire
Sudoku 1.4 by Silicon Wizards
WBSteroids 1.7 by Heiko Müller

**Carbon Based by Dekadence
*Grid by Nature
*Leon by Elcrew
*Metropolice by Ghostown and RNO
My Lucky Number by Loonies
*Nexus7 by Andromeda (WHDLoad slave 1.1 by Psygore)
*Odyssey demo by Alcatraz (WHDLoad slave 1.1 by Wepl)
*Phase One by Peskanov and Dr.Slump
*Relic by Nerve Axis
Shake off the Dust by Elude
*Starstruck by The Black Lotus
*State of the Art by Spaceballs (WHDLoad slave 1.2 by Wepl)
*Technological Death by Mad Elks (WHDLoad slave by Mr.Larmer/WantedTeam)
*The Fall by The Dealiners and Lemon
*The Morning Trip by Loonies
*Way Too Rude by Logicoma + Loonies
World Of ASCII by Impact DK

Applications (external)
*WinUAE 4.4.0 by Toni Wilen
*+Direct3D Pixel Shader filters
*+PortAudio DLL 19.6.0
*+SDL DLL 2.0.9
*+WinUAEHelp 3.0 by G.Veichtlbauer, P.Hutchison and B.Roesch
*+WinGuide 4.0 by Steven Eckles
*+zlib 1.1.3
*Wine 4.7 by (Mac and Linux only)

* Included with WinUAE version only
** Included with Vampire version only
*** Available as an additional download only

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All software packages are freely downloadable and/or included with permission.