All AmiKit X updates (version 10.x) are FREE OF CHARGE (via Live Update). For support or bugreport please visit our Support Forum.

AmiKit X (10.5.3) - Maintenance update

A Quick Fix: We forgot to set the correct attributes of Amiga Forever ROM modules. We've fixed it and they are loaded into memory again (restart the emulation first). We've also enabled better Google Drive driver and fixed GlobalTrash (Hopefully! Otherwise move it to SYS:WBStartup/Disabled folder.) Oh, and we've fine-tuned MorpheuZ too.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped us in any way. Your support is greatly appreciated!

AmiKit X (10.5.2) - Maintenance update

December 2018: Good news everyone! AmiKit is now more stable than ever thanks to this new maintenance update. Maybe it took us long to fix a lightbulb, but at the end we've improved MANY things under the hood! For example the infamous HALT3 error is history now. Enjoy!


- FIXED: HALT3 freeze and Recoverable alerts on reboot (on systems with Amiga Forever or AmigaOS 3.9 w/BB2) are finally gone! Please shut down and restart AmiKit after update.
- FIXED: HDToolBox now works in AmigaOS 3.1.4
- FIXED: If you switch to old MUI 3.8 (via MorpheuZ), it shows images right now.
- FIXED: RAWBInfo was not corretly activated on OS3.9 systems with Boing Bag 2.
- AMIKIT: Optimized Startup-Sequences for all flavours make AmiKit even more stable.
- AMIKIT: MorpheuZ 10.5.2 now handles AmigaOS 3.9 patches better. We've also fine-tuned Startup Control.
- AMIKIT: LiveUpdate 1.7 by Daniel Westerberg
- AMIKIT: AmiKitReset 1.2 (reflects the above mentioned changes)
- AMIKIT: Various minor improvements here and there.
- UPDATED: IconLib 46.4.506 by P.Keunecke
- UPDATED: MathLibsUAE 45.881 r14 by P.Keunecke
- REMOVED: HTMLview.mcc from MUI 3.8 (because of 'beta expired' requester)
- OPTIONAL: Update your AmiKit installation with the latest WinUAE v4: Quick Guide (page 11)
- OPTIONAL: Mac users might update to the latest Wine: Quick Guide (page 11)

Thanks go to all of you who sent us bugreports and suggestions, especially to Fehmi Yucer, Anbjorn Myren, jPV/RNO, Christian Dammer, nilly, JimmiG, IamNewt and others.

AmiKit X (10.5.1) - Feature / Maintenance update

October 2018: In this another free update we bring AmigaOS 3.1.4 support. You're going to love how easy we made it for you. Simply launch MorpheuZ and click the "OS Update" button. It's THAT easy.

We've also made a few tweaks. AmiKit now displays icon information much more nicer. Right-click any icon and select "Information" (we switched to RAWBinfo on AmigaOS 3.5/3.9)

A bit of fine-tuning made the AmiKit even easier to use. For example, click "Go to parent directory" button while in root directory to display device list. Oh, and did you know that you can double-click anywhere on desktop to invoke a lister?

We've done some cleanup and AmiKit boots even faster now! If you installed AmiKit with OS3.1 (from OS41FE), we bring some extra classes for you so, for example, LimpidClock will finally show up on your desktop!

Last but not least, we've fixed many bugs too. Check the changelog below for more details.


- ADDED: AmigaOS 3.1.4 support! More info at
- ADDED: Click "Go to parent directory" button while in root directory to display device list.
- ADDED: Click "DOpus" in MorpheuZ > Desktop Replacement to choose between RAWBInfo and DOpus for displaying icon info
- ADDED: or use an external IconInfo Selector 1.0 by Amyren (in SYS:Prefs/Presets/AmiKit/Goodies folder)
- ADDED: ClassAct 3.3 GUI toolkit will be installed if you use AmigaOS3.1 (from AOS4.1FE).
- FIXED: AmiStart taskbar didn't launch Shell in FullHD mode (old taskbar is in SYS:Utilities/EXPANSION/AmiStart folder)
- FIXED: IBrowse text cursor was not visible.
- FIXED: JPEGTMP assign was missing. Some programs require it for decoding JPG images.
- FIXED: LimpidClock now works in AmigaOS 3.1 too!
- FIXED: Middle-mouse click on first DOpus Toolbar icon showed cache list instead of device list.
- FIXED: General icon cleanup. For example and other icon files were missing. Others were redundant.
- FIXED: Some special Locale/Catalogs folder names were wrong. French locale should work now.
- FIXED: Missing RAD device on OS3.5 (and removed useless RAD0).
- AMIKIT: AmiKitReset 1.1 now also restores default DOpus 5.82 and MUI 5.
- AMIKIT: Fixed bug in Startup-Sequence which copied unnecessary files on every startup. AmiKit boots faster now!
- AMIKIT: Increased stack of Live Update.
- AMIKIT: Links updated to secure HTTPS where applicable.
- AMIKIT: New MorpheuZ 10.5.1 with AmigaOS 3.1.4 support. Also fixed the installation of patches on top of AOS3.9 w/both BoingBags.
- AMIKIT: RAWBInfo is now used for displaying icon information on AmigaOS 3.5/3.9.
- AMIKIT: Retro Switch has been updated to work with new AmigaOS.
- AMIKIT: Quick Guide updated with more information.
- AMIKIT: Support Forum has been updated. Now it supports mobile responsive layout!
- REMOVED: CD1-5 DOSDriver overload.
- OPTIONAL: Update your AmiKit installation with the latest WinUAE v4: Quick Guide (page 11)
- OPTIONAL: Mac users might update to the latest Wine: Quick Guide (page 11)

Thanks go to all of you who sent us bugreports and suggestions, especially to Anbjorn Myren, jPV/RNO, Artur Jarosik, Jazzy_J, Keith Matthews, Mikhail Malyshev, Michael Brenegan and others. Special thanks to Hyperion for providing us with AmigaOS 3.1.4 !

AmiKit X (10.5.0) - Big feature update with DARK MODE!

June 2018: It's summertime for us here in the northern hemisphere and that means it's time to grab a laptop with AmiKit, and head out for a picnic! We packed a number of great treats into your basket, so settle back and tuck in.

Simply run AmiKit and the 10.5 update will show up. It includes over 35 new features, updates, and fixes.

We have added a stylish feature called Dark Mode! It makes AmiKit look very cool and... dark! :) That's something you (and your eyes) definitely need during hot summer nights! To enable it, simply tell MorpheuZ and he will do the magic for you (right-click > AmiKit > MorpheuZ > Dark Mode).

Okay, any gamer here? We've included a playable demo of amazing Payback for you. It's a GTA clone for Amiga made in UK. Therefore remember to drive on the left in this game! :) (Btw. to set your preferred controls, press F12 and configure Port 2 in WinUAE/Game Ports)

Do you like Amiga demos? We do a LOT and we have something special for you in this release! A final version of Starstruck demo released 12 years after it won Assembly 2006! Good things need time to maturate :)

For those of you who listen to music often (and we do!), there's an unique app called RNOInfoScreen. It detects SongPlayer, AmiNetRadio or AmigaAmp playing in background and shows info about current song including the album art! Very useful.

While talking about music, now you can convert any MOD to WAV (or other sound formats) with a right-mouse click! Newly included Play16 can then play it for you - again via right mouse click.

We've also included a number of music modules from famous Amiga games like First Samurai, Lotus, Gods, Project X and others. Find them in AmiKit:Utilities/Eagleplayer/Modules folder. Simply doubleclick a mod and enjoy your musical flashbacks. If you want to convert them to WAV, make sure to unpack the mods first (with right-click) as all of them are packed with XPK/SQSH, the best algorhythm for music modules.

Also, the fastest MPEG-1 Amiga video player, called RiVA, is now part of AmiKit and just a single right-mouse click away. Try it!

Those are just the highlights. We'd love to hear your feedback - find us on Facebook at If you're looking to chat with us directly, or if you have questions or need support, just send us a message and we'll point you in the right direction. There's also a Support Forum if you prefer.

Oh, and we've left something for you ;) If you want to update your AmiKit with the latest WinUAE v4 (the emulation engine), follow these simple steps on page 10:


- AMIKIT: Added Dark Mode including new boot images, wallpapers, desktop elements (based on Ken Lester's AmiKit theme), window patterns, configs, etc.
- AMIKIT: Added AmiKitReset 1.0 command. If you selected wrong screen mode or messed up startup programs, simply boot with no startup-sequence (hold both mouse buttons during reboot) and type: AmiKitReset
- AMIKIT: Updated AmiKit MorpheuZ 10.5 to support new Dark Mode
- AMIKIT: Updated DOpus filetypes to reflect new mod2wav, Play16 & RiVA - simply right mouse-click mod & sound & mpeg files.
- AMIKIT: Updated AmiStart menu (a backup is created first: AmiKit:Utilities/EXPANSION/AmiStart/sm.config.bak1041)
- AMIKIT: Updated AmiKit Quick Guide with some more useful information.

- ADDED: Dropbox Drive Handler 0.9 by Norbert Kett,
- ADDED: mod2wav (v20180625) by Martin Cameron,
- ADDED: Music modules from famous Amiga games (AmiKit:Utilities/Eagleplayer/Modules)
- ADDED: Payback playable game demo by Apex Designs! (find it in AmiKit:Games/PaybackDemo fodler)
- ADDED: Play16 1.10 by Thomas Wenzel,
- ADDED: RiVA MPEG-1 Player 0.53 by Stephen Fellner & Henryk Richter,
- ADDED: RNOInfoScreen 1.6 by jPV^RNO,
- ADDED: Starstruck by The Black Lotus. A winner demo of Assembly 2006. Final version 2018.

- UPDATED: Codesets Library 6.21 by Open Source Team,
- UPDATED: Google Drive Handler 0.9 by Norbert Kett,
- UPDATED: LAME 3.100 (11-Nov-2017) by Mike Cheng, Mark Taylor and the LAME team,
- UPDATED: LoadModule 45.15 by Thomas Richter and Etienne Vogt,
- UPDATED: MCC_BetterString 11.32 Open Source Team,
- UPDATED: MCC_NList 0.124 by Open Source Team,
- UPDATED: MCC_TextEditor 15.50 by Open Source Team,
- UPDATED: MCC_TheBar 26.19 Alfonso Ranieri and TheBar Open Source Team,
- UPDATED: MUI 5.0 (2018R1) by Stefan Stuntz, Thore Bockelmann and Jens Maus,
- UPDATED: NetSurf 3.7 (18-Apr-2018) by Artur Jarosik,
- UPDATED: OpenURL 7.18 by OpenURL Open Source Team,
- UPDATED: AmiSSL 4.2 by AmiSSL Open Soure Team,
- UPDATED: Redit 2.0 by Kai Scherrer,
- UPDATED: SimpleCat 3.25 by Guido Mersmann,
- UPDATED: SimpleMail 0.44 by Hynek Schlawack & Sebastian Bauer,
- UPDATED: WHDLoad 18.4 beta (build 5907, 7-May-2018) by Bert Jahn, et al.,
- UPDATED: xad_7z 2.8 by Chris Young, Igor Pavlov, Dag Agren,
- UPDATED: AmIRC servers (please note that on some computers AmIRC and WookieChat freeze on login. If it's your, please use older AmIRC 3.50 from Aminet instead)

- OPTIONAL: Update your AmiKit installation with the latest WinUAE 4.0: (page 10)

- FIXED: EaglePlayer now opens in beautiful GUI again.
- FIXED: You can enable VisualPrefs in MorpheuZ > Startup Control again. We've fixed 'command too long' error on OS3.9 without Boing Bags.
- FIXED: Russian language is displayed correctly now
- FIXED: FullPalette launches again from AmiKit:Prefs folder
- FIXED: Now you can switch back to MUI 5 if you switched to MUI 3.8 in MorpheuZ before. Sorry for the inconvenience.

- REMOVED: VICE C64 emulator. If you need it, download it from

Last, but not least, special thanks go to our international team of testers from USA, Canada, Germany, France and Australia, specifically to Jazzy_J, Keith Matthews, Merrill Newell, Salome, Silvio Albrecht and Michael 'Cap' Brenegan. THANK YOU!

AmiKit X (v10.4.1) - Maintenance update

November 2017: A hotfix!

- FIXED: Scalos didn't launch (MorpheuZ > Desktop Replacement)
- FIXED: Scalos AmiKit menu entries didn't open Rabbit Hole apps

AmiKit X (v10.4.0) - Feature update

October 2017: New bits and bytes coming your way through Live Update superhighway!

- ADDED: GrafX2 2.5 bitmap paint program (in Utilities drawer) ported by Artur Jarosik
- UPDATED: AmiKit MorpheuZ 10.3.1b
- UPDATED: AmiKit Quick Guide (added Mac keys mapping, page 6)
- UPDATED: MCC_BetterString 11.31 Open Source Team
- UPDATED: MCC_NList 0.121 by Open Source Team
- UPDATED: MCC_TextEditor 15.49 by Open Source Team
- UPDATED: MCC_TheBar 26.18 Alfonso Ranieri and TheBar Open Source Team
- UPDATED: MUI 5.0 (2017R3) by Stefan Stuntz, Thore Bockelmann and Jens Maus
- UPDATED: MUIbase 4.0 by Steffen Gutmann
- UPDATED: NetSurf 3.7 (17-Sep-2017) by Artur Jarosik
- UPDATED: ShellUpdate 45.39 by Thomas Richter
- FIXED: Wrong WB Title in DOpus 5.82 if Polish language was used

AmiKit X (v10.3.1) - Maintenance update

September 2017: We're here to fix some things to keep your experience sparkling.

- FIXED: AmiKit MorpheuZ 10.3.1:
- REPLACED: Some missing Amiga Forever system files (where applicable). More info here. - UPDATED: Polish catalogs by HanSolo

AmiKit X (v10.3.0) - Feature update

September 2017: More features and updates!

- ADDED: Boxx Trilogy games by Lemming880
- ADDED: Info 39.18b command replacement by Stephan Rupprecht
- UPDATED: AmiKit Quick Guide (revised WHDLoad support and added How to update AmiKit offline)
- UPDATED: AmiStart menu: added Shell and Boxx Trilogy (a backup of your current settings is created first)
- UPDATED: AHI Audio System (AHI Prefs 6.2 and driver 4.30) by Martin Blom
- UPDATED: LAME 3.100a2 (8-May-2017) by Mike Cheng, Mark Taylor and the LAME team
- UPDATED: NetSurf 3.7 (12-Aug-2017) by Artur Jarosik
- UPDATED: OpenURL 7.17 by T. W. Hansen, et al. (1998-2005), then by OpenURL Open Source Team
- UPDATED: Opus Audio Tools 0.1.10 (also in playOGG folder) by Gregory Maxwell and the team
- UPDATED: playOGG 140508 by Lorence Lombardo
- UPDATED: PlaySID 1.2 library (also in HippoPlayer folder) by Per HÃ¥kan Sundell & Ron Birk
- UPDATED: Polish Locale files by HanSolo
- UPDATED: PTPlay library 2.6 (also in TKPlayer and AmiNetRadio folders) by R. Hof, T. S. Mueller, P. Johansson, I. Lehtoranta
- UPDATED: ScreenText 1.4 by Thomas Rapp
- UDPATED: UnLZX 2.16 by Oliver Gantert
- UPDATED: WHDLoad 18.4 beta (10-Aug-2017) including dev tools Reloc 0.9 and SP 1.12 by Bert Jahn, et al.
- CLEANED: all PowerPC .elf libraries and filesystem's recycled folder to save space

AmiKit X (v10.2.1) - Maintenance update

August 2017: A quick fix.

- FIXED: Playing of MP3 files in AmigaAMP (switched to mpega.library)
- FIXED: Some internal Rabbit Hole variables

AmiKit X (v10.2.0) - Feature update

August 2017: AmiKit X is now also available for Linux! Visit for more information.

- ADDED: MiniSlug game port by Artur Jarosik (Switch AmiKit to 16bit screen mode before you play!)
- UPDATED: AmiKit MorpheuZ 10.2 by Jan Zahurancik (now supports new ShellUpdate, see bellow)
- UPDATED: AmiKit Quick Guide (How to add your own Rabbit Hole apps and more)
- UPDATED: AmigaAMP 3.22 by Thomas Wenzel
- UPDATED: Eagleplayer 2.05 by Jan Blumenthal & Henryk Richter
- UPDATED: EvenMore 0.91 by Chris Perver (special AmiKit version now based on MorphOS)
- UPDATED: openTyrian game port by Artur Jarosik (now it's much faster!)
- UPDATED: MUI 5.0 (2017R2) by Stefan Stuntz, Thore Bockelmann and Jens Maus
- UPDATED: MUIbase 3.3 by Steffen Gutmann
- UPDATED: NetSurf 3.7 (1-July-2017) by Artur Jarosik
- UPDATED: Polish catalogs by HanSolo
- UPDATED: Redit 1.15 by Kai Scherrer
- UPDATED: ShellUpdate 45.38.3 by Thomas Richter
- UPDATED: SimpleMail 0.43 by Hynek Schlawack & Sebastian Bauer
- UPDATED: WHDLoad 18.3 (build 5863) by Bert Jahn
- UPDATED: Wet 6.5a by Chris Young
- UPDATED: wine 2.0.2 by (read Quick Guide how to update your existing installation)
- UPDATED: WinUAE 3.5.0 by Toni Wilen (read Quick Guide how to update your existing installation)
- FIXED: Problem with SSL certificate (eg. works now!)
- FIXED: Fixed misplaced Favourite icons in FullHD resolution
- FIXED: Launching of Steam, Libre Office and VLC (providing they are installed in default locations)

AmiKit X (v10.1.0) - Public release

May 2017: Released for Windows and Mac users.

- AMIKIT: Boot speed increased by 50%
- AMIKIT: Optimized hardfile size
- AMIKIT: Added new default Startup & Backdrop images (High Tatras mountains / Slovakia
- AMIKIT: Added support for AmigaOS3.1 as a source of system files from AmigaOS4.1FE CD or ISO
- AMIKIT: DOpus Rabbit Hole filetypes improved (double-click document or video files to open them with Windows or Mac app!)
- AMIKIT: MorpheuZ 10.1 improved. Now it also includes "Install Patches" tool for OS3.9 with BB1&2
- AMIKIT: Loading of OS3.9 ROM modules are now completely managed by LoadModule instead of SetPatch
- AMIKIT: Improved installation and regular startup-sequences in effectivity & stability
- AMIKIT: Various minor tweaks here and there
- ADDED: Exclusive OpenTyrian game port (by Artur Jarosik of the freeware DOS game Tyrian by Eclipse Software
- ADDED: Directory Opus 5 PDF e-book in Polish by Adam Zalepa
- UPDATED: AmiModRadio 0.998 by Tygre
- UPDATED: Codesets.library 6.20 by Alfonso Ranieri and codesets.library Open Source Team
- UPDATED: IconLib 46.4.451 by Peter Keunecke
- UPDATED: LoadModule 45.9 by T.Richter and E.Vogt
- UPDATED: MUI 5.0 (2017R1) by Stefan Stuntz, Thore Bockelman, Jens Maus
- UPDATED: NetSurf 3.7 by Artur Jarosik
- UPDATED: OpenSSL 4.1 by AmiSSL Open Soure Team
- UPDATED: Polish catalogs by HanSolo
- UPDATED: ShellUpdate 45.38.1 by Thomas Richter
- UPDATED: Wazp3D library beta 56 by Alain Thellier is now used instead of QuarkTex
- UPDATED: WHDLoad 18.3 (build 5759) by Bert Jahn
- REMOVED: Amiga Forever system files

AmiKit X (v10.0.0) - for A.L.I.C.E.

2015-2017: Developed for A.L.I.C.E. project

- AMIKIT: Amiga Forever system files are included. AmiKit is now complete and 100% standalone 68k system! Thanks to Cloanto
- AMIKIT: Rabbit Hole laptop integration allows you to launch and run Linux apps on AmiKit desktop!
- AMIKIT: Linux apps are Amiga like skinned by Ken Lester.
- AMIKIT: MUI keyfile unlocks all the visual magic of MUI thanks to kind permission of by Stefan Stuntz!
- AMIKIT: Some legendary Amiga programs have been updated exclusively for AmiKit! Like AmiStart, AfA_OS, MCP, ShowAmiga96 and others!
- AMIKIT: Beautiful new themes (green and blue) including boot images and wallpapers have been added by Ken Lester.
- AMIKIT: MorpheuZ 10 is even more powerful now! Configure patches, desktop, themes and other AmiKit features with ease!
- AMIKIT: FullHD (1920x1080+) and Standard (1366x768) screen modes have been added (use MorpheuZ to switch between them).
- AMIKIT: Desktop has been redesigned, various program configs have been updated to support the new screen modes.
- AMIKIT: AmiKit windows are now in 24bit (thanks to AfA_OS).
- AMIKIT: Startup-Sequence has been improved and all the patches revised. AmiKit is faster and more stable now.
- AMIKIT: Desktop and root icons have a beautiful new look thanks to Ken Lester.
- AMIKIT: DOpus toolbar icons have been modernized, also by Ken Lester.
- AMIKIT: AmiStart taskbar config has been visually and functionally improved, eg. it's showing running tasks now.
- AMIKIT: AmiKit.exe launcher for Windows has been reworked by Rex Schilasky and includes new graphics by Ken Lester.
- AMIKIT: DOpus config and user menu have been improved, icon grid increased, etc.
- AMIKIT: DOpus filetypes have been updated, they support Rabbit Hole now (right-click a file to open it by Linux app).
- AMIKIT: AmiKit files are now located on hardfile instead of folder (which makes AmiKit even faster).
- AMIKIT: TrueType font support has been improved thanks to Mikhail Malyshev.
- AMIKIT: Russian and Polish locale support have been updated thanks to Mikhail Malyshev and HanSolo.
- AMIKIT: Chip Memory has been increased to 8MB.
- AMIKIT: MagicWB icon support has been added due to numerous requests (in Blue AmiKit theme only).
- AMIKIT: Removed "Screenmode AmiKit", "Locale AmiKit" and associated obsolete files (MorpheuZ manages everything now).
- AMIKIT: Fixed possible yellow Recoverable Alerts with Boing Bag 2.

- ADDED: Another World full game by Eric Chahi
- ADDED: AFNews 1.01 by Amiga Future & Meicky-Soft
- ADDED: AmiModRadio v0.993 by Tygre
- ADDED: ClockSync 0.1 by Mikhail Malyshev
- ADDED: DeliTracker 2.34 by Frank Riffel and Peter Kunath
- ADDED: Deli14BitGenie V4.30 by Chris Hodges
- ADDED: Demos to AmiKit:Demos folder
- ADDED: Env-Handler by Stephan Rupprecht
- ADDED: FileX 2.7a by Klaas Hermanns
- ADDED: Google Drive Handler 0.4 by Norbert Kett
- ADDED: Music modules and Symphonie songs to EP:Modules and AmiKit:Utilities/SymphoniePlayerPro/Modules folders
- ADDED: Redit 1.13 by Kai Scherrer
- ADDED: SimpleCat 3.24
- ADDED: TLSFMem 1.6 by Chris Hodges
- ADDED: twittAmiga 4.2.1 by Oliver Urbann
- ADDED: WBStart 2.2 by Stefan Becker

- UPDATED: AmigaJournal 0.9716 Beta by Richard H. Poser II
- UPDATED: AfA_OS 4.8 by Bernd Roesch and Thomas Klein
- UPDATED: AISS 4.20 by martin Merz
- UPDATED: AmIRC 3.6.2 by by O.Wagner and J. van den Berge et al.
- UPDATED: AmiStart 0.70 by Darius Brewka!
- UPDATED: AWeb v2011
- UPDATED: Dopus 4 catalogs by Christoph Gutjahr et al.
- UPDATED: DOpus 5.91 by GPSoftware and BSzili, J.Maus, I.Lehtoranta, kas1e, xenic, S.Haubenthal, S.Archer, S.Bauer, T.Bockelmann
- UPDATED: IconLib 46.4.435 by Peter Keunecke
- UPDATED: EvenMore 0.90 - Special AmiKit version by Chris Perver (16-May-2016)
- UPDATED: LimpidClock 1.18 by Thomas Rapp by
- UPDATED: LoadModule 40.13 by T.Richter and E.Vogt
- UPDATED: MCP 1.49c (Master Control Program) by Dieter Groppe
- UPDATED: MUIbase 3.2 by Steffen Gutmann
- UPDATED: MUI 5.0 (2016R1) by Stefan Stuntz, Thore Bockelman, Jens Maus
- UPDATED: MUI 5 config (green and blue theme)
- UPDATED: MUI Pointers by Michael Malyshev
- UPDATED: NetSurf 3.5 by Artur Jarosik
- UPDATED: PicShow 31.457 by Thomas Rapp
- UPDATED: picture.datatype 45.17 from Amiga Forever
- UPDATED: scsi.device 43.45 by C.Hodges, T.Wilen and C.Sauer
- UPDATED: ScummVM AGA and RTG ported by NovaCoder
- UPDATED: ShellUpdate 45.29 by Thomas Richter
- UPDATED: ShowAmiga96 2.3e by Heiko Mueller
- UPDATED: SimpleMail 0.42 by S.Bauer and H.Schlawack
- UPDATED: SRename 3.10 by Constantinos Nicolakakis
- UPDATED: WHDLoad 18.3 (build 5759) by Bert Jahn
- UPDATED: Wet 6.5 by Chris Young
- UPDATED: WinUAE 3.4.0 by Toni Wilen
- UPDATED: WinUAEHelp 2.2.10 by G.Veichtlbauer, P.Hutchison and B.Roesch
- UPDATED: WinUAE German translation from
- UPDATED: WinUAE Spanish translation by Miguel y Francis
- REMOVED: AmiTwitter (replaced by twittAmiga)
- REMOVED: Matrix blanker disabled (removed from WBStartup folder)

(older changelog)